Welcome to my WordPress blog! I know that the time you have is little and precious, so I hope and wish that after going through my photos, you get the most for the time you have spent.  Feel free to leave any kind of comment, suggestion or even a good idea for a project,  a trip or a work!

Even though it is not in my character, I started this blog, for two reasons. To send my photos out there to the world with the hope of communication and as a motivation to keep clear away from the depressing feeling that comes along with the economic crisis in Greece.

One photo or post, each day, new or from my archives!

If you are interested in photography, you should also check out my flickr account:http://www.flickr.com/photos/vassilis_d_gonis/

Also the FoZ blog: http://fozphotos.wordpress.com/

And if you have some more time to read my opinion on the GreeK situation: http://greeceindirestraits.blogspot.gr/

Vassilis D. Gonis was born in 1976,  in Athens, Greece.  He has been keen with photography since 1993 but was devoted to it since 1997, when he started attending the Zographou municipal photography seminars, working at the same time at various bookshops and publishing houses.  Founding member of FoZ (Photogroup of Zographou) (2000-2006 & 2011- ) In September 2000 his first solo photo exhibition takes place at Peri Tehnon gallery. In 2001 he graduates from AKTO/Middlesex University, with BA in Photography. In 2002 KMOPA  museum in Japan, obtains two of his photos for its permanent collection. The same year he was assigned from teneues publishing house for a book in the series Photopockets about Athens. It was published in 2004, in time for the Olympic Games.  In September 2007 his second solo photo exhibition takes place at Peri Tehnon gallery. He has received many awards in Greece and his work has been used in magazines,  books, records and the theater.

46 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow Amazing stuff Vassilis!! When I go to Japan in the future I will make sure I visit your work in the KMOPA. Perhaps a Photowalk in Greece if I ever visit Europe is you are free 😀

  2. Your love of photography and your homeland, Greece, is evident in your words and images. I’m glad I’ve found you blog and made your virtual acquaintance. Peace to you.

    • Thank you Jeff! Really glad to meet you ,too. It is my firm belief that if one loves his country, it is easier to understand other people’s love for their country. In a strange way, the more you love your country, the more universal you become.

  3. I saw all of your photos on this page. I must say that you stunned me as a photographer. Sometimes I couldn´t see what was your point with some photography — but this is me over thinking. ):
    I mostly like your ambient photography… Those scary ones with shadows or empty spaces…or wast spaces… I thought on Tarkowsky and Fellini!

          • Usually I let my photos grow old, so that I can distance myself from the moment of shooting and any emotions that are attached to it, in order to see more clearly if it still works without the emotion, or if it still creates a more universal emotion. But lately, I also try working on fresh material, in order to see if I can speed things up. I guess this way some photos can slip under my quality control. 😉 Let me know when you feel awkward about something, even by PM. It would be helpful! After all this is only a daily live blog.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. Hope it is a dialogue with genuine people, and not a waste of time. I am following your lovely blog as well.

  4. Interesting and surreal images. There’s a uniqueness to them which I assume comes from your outlook of life and creativity and theme/expression is quite consistent which is quite commendable.
    One person, I’m closest to on this planet is from Greece and is based in US. He’s a cinematographer. There’s not much of age difference between both of us but I’ve asked him to be my father in next life.

    • Thank you very much. I do not seek any consistency to my work, trying to get diverse themes, and projects, mainly because it is the rare kind of diversity I can have in life. As for your closest person, I guess no one can be concidered a prophet in his own land. 😉

  5. Well I knew you had some great photographs – but Vassilis – you are one well rounded dude with talent that the world needs a slice of – so I am glad that you have this blog – it truly is “communication and as a motivation…”

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