A happy dog

A happy dog

Enjoying the ride!

For a great blog that actually tries to find a solution to this global  mess we are in:  http://philosophersforchange.org/

vg 292 col 14 London 2004

vg 295 col 16 London 2004

14 thoughts on “A happy dog

    • Δεν βαριέσαι. Όλα αυτά τα αρνητικά και οι φωτογραφίες, είναι τελικά περισσότερο ένας τρόπος να περνάει τον χρόνο του ο καθένας. Και εάν κανείς ασχολείται πολύ χρόνο καταλήγει να γίνει τρόπος ζωής. Όπως η φιλοσοφία είναι σπουδή θανάτου, έτσι και η φωτογραφία είναι η αποτύπωση ενός κόσμου που πεθαίνει παρά ενός κόσμου που έρχεται. Κάθε φωτογραφία, μέσα σε μιά γραμμική αντίληψη του χρόνου, είναι ήδη παρελθόν, μία ανάμνηση. Και τελικά, “μεγάλη”, πανανθρώπινη φωτογραφία είναι αυτή που τα στοιχεία που την αποτελούν, αντηχούν στις καρδιές και το μυαλό των ανθρώπων, σαν να ήταν δικές τους αναμνήσεις.

        • Thank you Derek! I guess this was Greek to you! A wink is as good as a nod to a blind bat. 😉 I admire you for getting into the trouble of trying to figure out what google translate has translated. I would have given you the translation today, that I found a bit of time, although it is more of a rendition, rather than translation. I think the following more coherent.

          “No big deal really . All these negatives and photographs, are ultimately more of a way to pass the time . And if somebody is wholeheartedly involved, it ends up becoming a way of life. If philosophy is the study about death , photography is the capturing of a world dying than a world that is coming. Each photograph placed into our linear perception of time is already past , a memory. And finally , ” great ” universal photography is the one that the elements that constitute it , resonate in the hearts and minds of (all/most) the people , as if they were their own memories .”

    • Its all about grain really. If you are careful enough you make the silver grainy! Thank you buddy, for the vote of confidence, since only the grainy one was in the original post!

  1. Well the first photo is like a snapshot of time, the dog is great – but so is that crate he is in and that van….

    the second photo – the help words written backwards and then correct!?? BUt my favorite thing about that striking photo is how the modern integrates with the old. The ornate style on the right historic building especially – hints of a long time ago – which is contrasted with the modern round “underground sign” – and the building on the left – with the humorous double writing of help (?) well the two ADT signs and the packages in the upper right hand window – well they speak of the modern condition there.

    lastly, the third photo – the Becks sign drew me in right away – because many moons ago that was one of the few high quality beers we could find anywhere – (times have changed). but I like this shot not just for the cafe, but the way you grabbed the neighborhood – the light high on the pole to the right kind of caps off this old/new feel again – we have the background building – with those cool windows and angled roofline – behind the overpass, which is stone and has graffiti – and that iron structure hanging over the highway – anchors that side the photo- the very mild blue of the train (?) accents the garage doors that sit behind the vertical lines of the iron gate – with overgrown weeds and trash to add tot he mood of the graffiti — The tunnel feel (under the overpass)- pulls the eye in – and that big ol’ cafe maybe is the focal point at first, and should be with that kingly rooftop – medley mix of windows – and lovely brick work – but the whole shot keeps the eye moving around with interest.


    • OK, a brief stop from work, to reply! The first photo was the a pure luck thing. And it suffers technically, since it was just moments before the driver made an over turn. But somehow it stayed in my “to post” file all this time.

      The second photo you are spot on with your comment. Although I didn’t think anyone would notice the ADT cubes, the contrast between the old buildings and the modern sign was already strong enough to support the struggle between old and new, classic and modern and explain, in a way, the Help writing from both sides of the window. The fact that “help” is written backwards and normally (probably the backward one written first and then the writer discovered that it shows backward from the outside, ) can say two things, about the person asking for help from the world, and the world asking back for his help, a most apt message for our times.

      As for the third, it is one of the photos from further down the road, from photos from previous posts. (The tunnel from the Dark Prince//knight road) I just loved that place and I raised my camera to capture the bright happy colors and the mood of the empty and silent street. The rest came with the photo! 😉

      • thanks for taking the time to reply – but I always understand if you cannot – 🙂 always understand….

        and well, thanks for the background info -and I like what you wrote about the help sign…hmmmm

        and the ADT signs – well I do not like that company very much -and after we had them for many years – we caught them listening in on our conversations from the monitor – (not that they will hear anything meaty around our house – lol) -and then when we canceled – we felt hounded and hounded to renew -horrible – and numerous sales pitches at the door – and I smell something fishy with that company. so yeah, I noticed those little signs with a cringe.

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