Hey, don’t you hear meeeeeeeeeee!

Hey, don't you hear meeeeeeeeeee!

All is fair in love and war. And being a child is both things simultaneously!

For these two lovely blogs that kept me good company over time:



vg 285 col 11 London 2004

vg 285 col 12 London 2004

vg 287 col 18 London 2004

vg 294 col 36 London 2004

19 thoughts on “Hey, don’t you hear meeeeeeeeeee!

    • Yeap, until you have your own kids, you are unable to understand that kids actually have their own mind, and it is part of their growing up process to say no, and use every possible means to get their way. I just wish they are keeping it up, (although their poor parents will have a hard time) because the future is no longer theirs and they have to fight hard.

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