Losing their money at the Athens stock exchange back in 1999-2000

Losing their money at the Athens stock exchange back in 1999-2000

One of the biggest tricks they played on Greeks. And the treacherous politicians are still out there.

For one of the blogs that has been informing me of the world out there! Unfortunately silent for some time…


Also recently discovered, this fantastic blog, which finds powerful articles and presents them to us:


Last but not least, also recently discovered: http://onenessofhumanity.wordpress.com/

vg 288 col 22 London 2004

vg 288 col 26 London 2004

vg 288 col 32 London 2004

20 thoughts on “Losing their money at the Athens stock exchange back in 1999-2000

    • Thank you! I wish I could visit London again, with my digital camera on one shoulder and my b&w film loaded on the other. Colour film had too many limits in such low light situations…

      • Great idea.
        I was only one time in London, 3 nights with the family, and they were very tired in the evening. I promised a lot to start a little ‘night tour’….
        Such a great city.

    • And still doing their best to ruin everything, including our planet, with all these fracking, fossil fuels, etc. What do they expect, leaving earth when their mission is accomplished? Go figure.

  1. “like”

    the first photo is one that is a little eerie – and sad – and having it in B & W makes me think of the Great Depression days here in the US (hmm)

    the second photo is my favorite and one that I think would sit nice in a frame.

    My eye started on that designer awning – upper left – with the strong arched silver-ish lines. Then the platform comes into view. This is one of those quartet segmented shots of yours (like one of the yesterday’s pics with the cafe) where each quadrant in the photograph has its own thing going on – different visual interest – but they also flow well together.

    So then from the arched awning – the eye drops to all that is going on in the lower left the platform -(the single horiz. fluorescent light offers informal balance with the other lights and horizontally breaks up the awning lines and frame – and then we move into the squares/rectangles of blue -the yellow bright artsy letters – the red railing creates another line element – and even the rusty little iron cover adds line interest and draws the eye into the middle of the picture – but before the eye can move fully over – the tracks divide the scene – and allows the eyes to move right into the depth of the shot – where the city buildings anchor the photo – and the vertical structures pull the eyes up – and signs of city life beam from the cubed window lights – and with a dark building – we have that feel of the dark mixed with light, and then the eye moves to the lower right – with a quieter feel – as the lights of the tracks soften the focus – the rusty color of the grill is now in sync with the similar color of the building to the right – which has small little windows and then two rows with the plus sign or cross….

    and that is why I would frame this shot – because not only does it keep the eye moving around – as it whispers so much about life in this area – but there is more to be discovered as you view. Like a detailed painting….

    ~is big brother watching on that little camera?
    ~ is that left center fog? or smoke? or mist? or lights from an arena? or clouds? it works well with the two little lights behind the blue railing –
    ~ is that a convex mirror above the blue rails? or is it a television for today’s savvy travelers?

    Lastly, as familiarity sets in – we see a few blue lights in the middle background – and four red little lights in the middle of the tallest building – which perfectly works with the items of blue and red in the lower left- yeah… this one gets a frame. 🙂

    I like the other two as well -and love the vintage film lines – and okay, I can see why the last one is a favorite for some readers – it is SO good. Has that mathematical duality where the line of the car is like an equal sign for a nice balanced equation. Not completely symmetrical – which would feel wrong if it was – and all the balance is broken up by the newspaper vs. the book – and the bright red coat with the “warren” sign to the right – while the other paired items are there for this balanced shot.

    the two folks – reading (but in different ways) – divided between the line of the car – with two seats on either side of each passenger – and then two vents sit on either side of the front underground sign – which is nice and center. There are also two poles on either side of the ladies – along with each of the yellow signs and the red fire pull (?)- the patterns in the black and white seats are in harmony with verticals formed by the yellow poles. Indeed this photograph is a photographer’s classic –
    nice series today –

    • I really enjoy your thorough descriptions and observations! Sometimes (OK, most of the times) I think that you make of the photos to be something more than they really are. So please, don’t waste your time on them. They are just photos. 😉 They may follow some basic aesthetic rules, but they are really common. And no, I am not modest.
      Surely I must like them better than the others to present them here, but still, the little time I have forces me to be more hasty than usual in both the selection and most importantly on the preparation/digital development of the photos. A couple of years ago none of them would have been up, without some basic retouching, color-contrast control etc.
      Anyway. I am so glad this has less than a week before it ends, but I am really glad that we’ve met here.

      • yeah, I know I likely add more to it – but it is kind of who I am – and I happen to be off from my own work until the 17th of this month – and so I have a tad bit more time to write if I choose to write. But I also did some deep cleaning today – rode the bike for 80 minutes (instead of my normal 50) I am getting ready to go and see my momma (12 hours away) in FL.

        Also, just FYI – when I comment on ANY photo or painting (or blog post at all) – it is also for “me” – there is something about putting words to photos or paintings that I enjoy – but NOT always – and even on some of your photos I just put “like” -and go one my way (like the “can you hear me” one today – I had nothing to write – nada – except maybe “where is that child’s parent???” And actually, on many of your series I found nothing to write about- – and so when I do – please know that it is not ingratiating or offering false flattery in any way – also – please do not feel like you even need to reply or even acknowledge. Have a great week!

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