Please don’t press like before you read. This message will not be auto destructed. And it is the last one.

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I rarely wrote on this blog and there was a good reason for it.  I am writing this, both as reader of other people’s posts as much as a photographer who blogs.  Writing demands too much time and I am very much afraid that most of  the writings are lost amongst the billions of pages and the little time people have to read. I feel like adding up to the flow of information, that has become a flood. And as such writing or not writing makes little sense anymore. Or is it?

Anyway,   I don’t want to waste the precious time of the people that visit, by throwing a ton of words. Only what is absolutely necessary.

So, this being the last post,  I feel I should  say I am sorry for the time you have wasted here. And I’m not saying it to get any compliments or out of modesty.

Some time ago I had a little discussion with a fellow blogger about the use of blogging. I must say that I still disagree with him, but still, a new discussion with another fellow blogger, brought me to my senses. Not about what to think or what to write, but how to present it.  This last goodbye, was a bit different, but it has changed considerably.


I  express only myself with this, but if you can spare some time, read it and think about it.

Time is the only thing people  possess, so it should be spent on things that are for the good of all mankind. Not for profit, not for the few, but for all. But since time is limited and most of the times the changes that affect us come while we are blogging, but not quite from us, because we are too busy blogging, maybe, it is time to reconsider the blogging activity. I know I have. If we were living in an ideal society, giving everyone access to the internet, and  letting everybody express his/her self would be great. But we don’t live in such a society. And as a result everyone gets lost in the blog-sphere. So the time someone loses while posting, searching, reading and commenting may be way too much.   And the result for the society? People may connect and exchange ideas with other people all over the world, which is a pretty useful thing,  but actually not having time to resolve Crucial problems within the society they live or even with their next door neighbors. Because only the ones with knowledge and money to afford a computer and a connection are heard.  You see, I don’t want the right to speak. I want the right to listen to those people with no voice and to be heard by the people that govern us.  I want the right to act and not be held down, passive in front of the 8 o’clock news that only spread fear and desperation. And if you spend too much  time in front of the TV or computer, it becomes your life. But it is the same thing with blogs as it is with money. When they become inflationary, they lose their value.  As a result we have millions of people shouting out in the desert.  A life in a desert of  screens. And this, I’m afraid,  is part of  this global crisis.  


I guess there are reasons for posting, that I do not value as much. Maybe there are people who can spend their time more effectively and concentrate their activities.  But, make your posts worth a bit more. And devote time only to the ones that really worth it.

I am not just quitting posting, I’m quitting the “blog-sphere”  altogether for the time being. It isn’t a big deal, I have been living without it a year ago.  The most important reason for stopping, is that I need all the time available since I have to find ways to make ends meet, financially.  I am leaving this time-capsule behind, hoping it will be found many years from now from the wordpress service and be deleted in order to make space for something really good.

All in all, I wish I had the time to visit more blogs, but simply I can’t afford it anymore.

That’s it folks! This is the last goodbye! Really.  Until we meet, some sunny day…

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This last post is dedicated to a dear friend.

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For those that might have missed them the first time they appeared here, the two celebratory videos with photos and music:

Thank you Y! You know why!

Thank you Harry, you know why, too.

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And the very last photo, from when the newspapers were triumphant about Greece entering the Euro zone…         A united Europe, that every citizen has equal rights,  every country has its sovereignty intact and they help each other in times of need, having learned from the mistakes that led us to two World Wars in the 20th century. I guess history is either not read, or has taught each one of us, different kind of lessons. Lessons of greed and superiority, lessons of racism based on the color of money.

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And ending on a high!

Σιγά τα αυγά!

Now wordpress space is full! Unable to post further, without deleting previous posts, not that I want to!  😉

Press Escape, never Return.