Please don’t press like before you read. This message will not be auto destructed. And it is the last one.

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I rarely wrote on this blog and there was a good reason for it.  I am writing this, both as reader of other people’s posts as much as a photographer who blogs.  Writing demands too much time and I am very much afraid that most of  the writings are lost amongst the billions of pages and the little time people have to read. I feel like adding up to the flow of information, that has become a flood. And as such writing or not writing makes little sense anymore. Or is it?

Anyway,   I don’t want to waste the precious time of the people that visit, by throwing a ton of words. Only what is absolutely necessary.

So, this being the last post,  I feel I should  say I am sorry for the time you have wasted here. And I’m not saying it to get any compliments or out of modesty.

Some time ago I had a little discussion with a fellow blogger about the use of blogging. I must say that I still disagree with him, but still, a new discussion with another fellow blogger, brought me to my senses. Not about what to think or what to write, but how to present it.  This last goodbye, was a bit different, but it has changed considerably.


I  express only myself with this, but if you can spare some time, read it and think about it.

Time is the only thing people  possess, so it should be spent on things that are for the good of all mankind. Not for profit, not for the few, but for all. But since time is limited and most of the times the changes that affect us come while we are blogging, but not quite from us, because we are too busy blogging, maybe, it is time to reconsider the blogging activity. I know I have. If we were living in an ideal society, giving everyone access to the internet, and  letting everybody express his/her self would be great. But we don’t live in such a society. And as a result everyone gets lost in the blog-sphere. So the time someone loses while posting, searching, reading and commenting may be way too much.   And the result for the society? People may connect and exchange ideas with other people all over the world, which is a pretty useful thing,  but actually not having time to resolve Crucial problems within the society they live or even with their next door neighbors. Because only the ones with knowledge and money to afford a computer and a connection are heard.  You see, I don’t want the right to speak. I want the right to listen to those people with no voice and to be heard by the people that govern us.  I want the right to act and not be held down, passive in front of the 8 o’clock news that only spread fear and desperation. And if you spend too much  time in front of the TV or computer, it becomes your life. But it is the same thing with blogs as it is with money. When they become inflationary, they lose their value.  As a result we have millions of people shouting out in the desert.  A life in a desert of  screens. And this, I’m afraid,  is part of  this global crisis.  


I guess there are reasons for posting, that I do not value as much. Maybe there are people who can spend their time more effectively and concentrate their activities.  But, make your posts worth a bit more. And devote time only to the ones that really worth it.

I am not just quitting posting, I’m quitting the “blog-sphere”  altogether for the time being. It isn’t a big deal, I have been living without it a year ago.  The most important reason for stopping, is that I need all the time available since I have to find ways to make ends meet, financially.  I am leaving this time-capsule behind, hoping it will be found many years from now from the wordpress service and be deleted in order to make space for something really good.

All in all, I wish I had the time to visit more blogs, but simply I can’t afford it anymore.

That’s it folks! This is the last goodbye! Really.  Until we meet, some sunny day…

vg 285 col 24 London 2004

This last post is dedicated to a dear friend.

vg 291 col 25 London 2004

For those that might have missed them the first time they appeared here, the two celebratory videos with photos and music:

Thank you Y! You know why!

Thank you Harry, you know why, too.

vg 291 col 27 London 2004

Yesterday I came upon this related post, fro this wonderful blog. Take some time to read:

vg 292 col 19 London 2004


And the very last photo, from when the newspapers were triumphant about Greece entering the Euro zone…         A united Europe, that every citizen has equal rights,  every country has its sovereignty intact and they help each other in times of need, having learned from the mistakes that led us to two World Wars in the 20th century. I guess history is either not read, or has taught each one of us, different kind of lessons. Lessons of greed and superiority, lessons of racism based on the color of money.

For more information on the topic, please visit: 067 bw 07 st 1999 self portrait

And ending on a high!

Σιγά τα αυγά!

Now wordpress space is full! Unable to post further, without deleting previous posts, not that I want to!  😉

Press Escape, never Return.

62 thoughts on “Please don’t press like before you read. This message will not be auto destructed. And it is the last one.

  1. Ok, I’ve read all. And I agree. Some days ago we talked in another blog about, hm, let’s say: what is really important in life.
    And I can say, it’s not blogging. I can’t think to do this blogging in this way for a long time.
    My situation is another, I have a job, daily 10-12 hours away from home, and then blogging in all free time? Let’s see and wait.
    I think you have to find for yourself the power, to use your time for useful things that go beyond your (=my) own field of vision. I guess I’m not ready yet. But I read your text mindful. And I agree with you. And I want to congratulate you for this decision.
    Goodbye and thank you Vasillis.

  2. Vassilis, your time capsule of humanity has always been beautifully inspiring. There has been no time wasted here, and I’m pleased your photographic ripples are still in some sort if motion.
    Best wishes to you and your family. xx See you!
    (Lump in throat)

  3. We will meet again. Your views on time are right on – it is the only resource that cannot grow or be expanded. How you choose to spend your heart beats is a very personal choice. We shall miss you – the exchanges, the points of view and the glimpses into Hellenistic culture that we brushed up against in Cyprus. Please get in touch if you ever venture to NY. Fare thee well.

  4. Since this is your last post, I just wanted to say one last time. Peace and solidarity to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your beautiful country and it’s people with the rest of us.

    • Thank you Jeff. This tombstone is longer than I thought! 😉 I have to thank you many times, because you were the first blog that I came across to convince me that there is serious content if you look around carefully, and also your suggestions were a perfect compass for spotlighting such revealing blogs. And last but not least, the fact that through your posts I had a solid proof that people around the world, share the same problems, the same dilemmas and search for solutions using the rare “common sense”, was a great boost of confidence for me. Thank you.

  5. Vassilis,
    You make excellent points here. It’s funny that I had been following your posts a few months back but, because I lack an appreciation for photography (this may change) and prefer to read articles, I stopped following your posts. I don’t know if it is simply a coincidence but I just last night added yours to the list of “Blogs I follow”, after like three or four months. Then the first post you do is an article and that’s it!! 🙂 Your point about bloggers’ posting “devote time only to those that are worth it” is an important one. My guess is that just as yourself bloggers get kind of “blogged down”(sorry-couldn’t resist) writing or researching, so posts may suffer from lack of intensity or vigor that you talk about. Perhaps you don’t need to cut clean but this writing tells me that besides photography writing is another talent of yours. You can decide to post once a month without reading any other blogs. I guess my suggestion is, and you can obviously do what you wish with it, since you have a conception in your mind of a post that “is worth it” (and this post here was definitely “worth it”), leave the option open to communicate with your followers when you have something that is worthy and important to communicate.
    Thank you for your thoughtful writing here. Peace be with you.

    • Thank you Jerry. I think what you do, is great. My posts in retrospect are just dead weight. Taking time from people that could instead use it to read one of your posts. So, long may you run and thank you!

  6. I can understand your argument very well. To me it is often similar and I wonder how much time some blogger seem to have. But whenever you generate reactions in other people, IMO you have your time not wasted. If you read the comments on your blog, you’ll find exactly that. Take care and spend your time wisely 🙂

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! You know I always liked communicating with people, and despite this blog/internet thing being faceless, I found many real people here. They provided the necessary drive to keep it up, until now. So thank you twice!

  7. I can understand your need to concentrate on ore pressing issues with your time and you are totally right about how precious it is and how careful we should be about “wasting” it. I enjoyed your photo documentaries about Athens and Greece, many I had seen with my own eyes in the 34 years that I lived there. A selfish sadness to know that no more will be coming… Na eissai kala kai se efxaristo gia
    ta mikra taxidakia pou prosferes.

  8. This evening I was reading the Letters of Saint Augustine and he writes to Celestine in A.D. 418, “….Love, therefore, is not paid away in the same manner as money……love, on the contrary, even when it is not repaid, nevertheless increases with the man who insists on its repayment by the person whom he loves; and not only so, but the person by whom it is returned to him does not being to possesses it till he pays it back again…”

    Could Augustine even fathom that 1,596 years later, that I, Kenneth, would be reading the letter he wrote all those years ago? Could Augustine even fathom that 1,596 years later I would be writing down notes regarding his thoughts on money and love?

    Who can know the significance of even a single action or word we speak but God alone?

    Are posting photos or words to the blogosphere merely adding to the plethora of information that gets lost within the Internet? ….I am but a mere chap who enjoys drinking coffee so I feel unworthy to even answer such a question in the face of eternity……

    But perhaps one day we will sit across from each other and share a cup of coffee and ruminate all of this 😉 if you’re offer is still good I’m still trying to put together a stop in Greece later this year….

    For what its worth I’ve enjoyed your photos and reading your thoughts….

    And thus ends my final comment on your blog

    Kenneth Justice

    • I am surely not st. Augustine and my posts are far from wise or of any value for the fellow human being. And in a grander view of life, some things certainly seem different, but then again self is not in the equation when it comes to christians. Further on, I find that self restraining is the only way to achieve anything at all. Different roads, same goal. Perhaps.

  9. dear Vassilis, it was wonderful to meet you here on this blog, THANK YOU for all your photos and words… you are a great inspiration to me. (Maybe we can still see your photos on Flickr??) Enjoy the extra hours in the day, blogging free, with your family and friends in real life. It’s so important for us to evaluate how we spend our time and to prioritize what is most important!! Time is precious and stewarding our time well is wisdom. God bless you! Take care! Be well!

  10. I don’t necessarily agree with what you say, but I do respect your point of view. Because I do think exchange over internet can make for more human understanding and awareness. Nevertheless I wish you all the best. I will certainly miss you blog. I have enjoyed the exchanges we have so far.

  11. Θα μου λείψουν πολύ οι αναρτήσεις σου. Δεν γνωρίζω πολλά από φωτογραφία, αλλά οι φωτογραφίες σου με ταξίδεψαν πραγματικά. Να είσαι πάντα καλά με την οικογένειά σου και πάντα δημιουργικός. Ευχαριστούμε για το ταξίδι..

    • Ευχαριστώ πολύ Δις. Πράσινο Πρόβατο! 😉 Και εμένα θα μου λείψει η ιδιότυπη επικοινωνία μας. Εάν βρω ποτέ ξανά χρόνο θα επιστρέψω. Πολλές ευχές για το υπόλοιπο ταξίδι στον κυβερνοχώρο, αλλά το κυριότερο στην ζωή έξω από αυτόν. Ευχαριστώ για όλα!

  12. hey Vassilis, sad to see you go, but fully understand yr reasons for doing so. thanks for responding so kindly to my images. your blog will remain a beautiful thing. fare well!! Ben 😀

    • Hi Ben! Thank you! It has been an amazing ride and your altered images made it possible! Such imagination ! I was lucky to stumble upon your blog from early on! Thank you for your kind words and your understanding. Hope I see you again in the future!

  13. Vassilis, I share your concern that too much time is spent in front of the computer and not enough time on tangible-world working on finding solutions. But be please be assured that looking at your blog and its wonderful photos have always been a positive for me. We do need beauty in this world and we do need spaces for the various components of our minds and interests to be fulfilled. So thanks for sharing your work with us the past year, and good luck with your next projects. The world needs many good people who are willing to think, observe — and act.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! I will stay with your last word – ACT. Because this seems to be the thing that is missing, lately. And your blog was an oasis of solutions! Thank you for that as well!

  14. First of all, I have read the whole post… Very interesting thoughts and I have to say that I agree with you. Totally. I understand what you mean and I have had these thoughts myself… many, many times.

    There are always people who don’t bother reading … Sometimes I publish longer articles (for example my thoughts on different things) – and I know that there are a few who actually appreciate what I do (for real) and it’s them I’m concentrating on. I put my energy on those who are there, who returns and who shows an interest; for example in having a dialogue, showing interest and so on…

    Until we meet, some sunny day… A big hug from Sweden.

    • Thank you Malin. I really don’t mind if people don’t read or devote time at my posts. It is more of a matter of balance, fairness and well, blog ethics, if there are any. I always put out time to prepare and read the posts that I genuinely liked and people I followed. It is no surprise that some of the people that liked or followed me just didn’t do the same. But I always liked that the few that did, shared more than I expected! Thank you, because you were one of them.
      Thank you! Wish I could send you some warm winds from Greece, in return!

      • I know what you mean. Exactly!

        And thank you so much for your kind words – I can actually feel the warm winds from Greece. So, thank you for that, Vassilis. Big hug and a big heart.

  15. I have been gone out of the wordpress sphere and the first post I read from you is a goodbye! But a thought provoking one at that. I always enjoy your thoughts and the dialogue you bring to us and ofcourse the equally beautiful photography that goes with it. I am very happy and feel grateful to have met you here Vasilis 🙂 I hope things are going well at your end of the world. I do hope to visit Greece one day soon, one sunny day.

    • All things must come to an end. It is the only justice we are left after all! No, things are not going well at all in Greece. In fact, they are getting worse day after day. Living has become so expensive and yet again life has become so cheap. There must be a problem getting the message across to our not-so-dear politicians, or maybe they just do it on purpose. Either way this can’t go on for much longer. All I say, is take care and always think twice about what your politicians propose, say and do. And if you have the time to visit Greece, call me up!

      • There has been little reportage about the situation Greece here in Aus. That is terrible news. Politicians work for corporations at the end of the day who fund their campaigns. It would be difficult for one to feel empathy when one is unaffected by the suffering and is living comfortably. I do hope they wake up and realise something must be done before the people lose all hope.

        • The thing about Greece is that they transfered the national debt that was created by selling wrecklessly bonds to banks and “investment groups” (see sharks), to the nations of Europe. This way if something goes wrong other countries of Europe (and their people) will suffer the consequences. They should have left the banks and investment groups take the fall. Isn’t it the case with high risk investments? Why resque them anyway?

          • Banks seem to be immune to any sort of rules or consequences for their actions. They have nations under the palm of their hands… Governments protect the banks interests, rather than the people. There really is no sense in anything anymore. The fiat system is bound to crash hard sooner or later… Then maybe change will happen…

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