Children playing in the street

Children playing in the street

Somewhere in time and space

For Adam’s blog. Full of diverse lovely photos:

vg 294 col 05 London 2004 vg 294 col 14 London 2004 vg 294 col 15 London 2004 vg 294 col 18 London 2004 vg 294 col 20 London 2004

2 thoughts on “Children playing in the street

  1. the children playing the street – well the dirty clothes say the most – especially on the boy who may not have bathed for days. The missing plug on the bike handle – only two bikes with 3 kids – and the whole “feel” of the telephone wires in the sky, the car coming, the 3 different kinds of fences on the right – and the mountainous backdrop all seem to make you wonder where the heck the kids are going to or coming from?????

    The house guards on parade take on new life because of they way they are presented in this series – the pictures are directly on top of one another and the pinkish hue of the ground blends in with the building s and in the final pic looks like the guard is on the edge of a roof or something. The series wrk so well together – and can feel the fur of the hat in some.

    Lastly, the irony of the spray paint juxtaposed to the royal crowns (on the inner store column) shows how the monarchy took some hits during this time as well.


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