This is the end of the line, of a 365 project.

This is the end of the line.

This is for  :  Finished about a month ago the 365 journey, with great success!

With this post I am, too,  coming full circle, time wise. At least one post each day for the last 365 days.

I opted for 400 in order to cover for some emergencies. So,  tomorrow I will make a few more posts to reach a  good round 400.   😉    But the fact is that for the last 365 days I had posted at least one post each day, with the minimum of a photo, either new, recent or from the archives. I have been photographing  all of the days, (might have missed only a couple, sorry)  but didn’t have time to choose and prepare from the new ones. Maybe in time some of these photos will surface.


Promised made, promised fulfilled, promised kept, end of promise.

I have to admit that it has been a lovely trip, hard sometimes, but lovely nonetheless.

Thank you all for keeping me company, commenting, liking, sharing your beautiful art and precious thoughts. Most of all thank you for spending your precious time and tolerating me.
Spending so much time in front of my computer (apart from working) was a new experience for me. I have to admit that  I couldn’t extract much pleasure from the medium. It is sterile. I know that many people out there are finding comfort through it, but for me it did nothing at all.


To me, creativeness and presenting the results are altogether different things, not connected to each other. Due to this, sometimes I felt that it was a total waste of time, simply because I never understood the purpose of the medium. In the end I came to think of it as a way to spend valuable time, when I could be doing other creative things. Don’t get me wrong, I see the qualities and advantages, but they never balance the huge disadvantage of the feeling of  TIME LOST. I would have never spent 1-2 hours a day posting, replying and reading other posts. Of course the ones I ultimately chose to follow were great, offering me the artistic impulse and many times inspiration and courage, while others were great sources of information, straight from the source, without commercial breaks.  😉   These offered a much needed boost in confidence because they proved that I am not alone with this line of thinking.

Thankfully, I don’t have a functioning TV and I saved time from there. 😉

So thank you all for the ride, it has been fantastic, but I have to go. Everyone willing to keep in touch, or if you are visiting Greece and need a helping hand, let me know! And if I had promised a walk and drinks to anybody, the offer is open when you get in Athens provided I am still around.

Have a lovely life, spend more time with your loved ones instead of the computer and keep creating even if the results  stay in the vaults, shelves and drives of your computer.

Thank you all for visiting and mostly thank you friends for your lovely and inspiring work.

Leaving you with the lines of the great late J.J. Cale

J. J. Cale – End Of The Line

Trains don’t run forever
Fire goes out sometime
Gotta tell you, baby
We’ve come to the end of the line
Pages of yesterday
Fill this book of mine
Gotta tell you, baby
It is the end of the line
I can’t remember those good old days
They are from a different time
I gotta tell you, baby
We’ve come to the end of the line
vg 289 col 32 London 2004 vg 289 col 33 London 2004 vg 289 col 34 London 2004
No pots of gold at the end. Just rainbows…

34 thoughts on “This is the end of the line, of a 365 project.

  1. … and no mean feat it was Vassili! Your time was not lost, your blog is proof of that. On the bright side, enjoy your freedom from wordpress, be good, keep shooting and don’t fix your tv! I’ll be travelling back in time to visit your archives since I found you somewhere mid-way… see you back in Dec 2012!

  2. “creativeness and presenting the results are altogether different things”
    Thank you so much. Your words my thoughts. On the other side, my photography has changed itself the last 10 months. But the real presenting way is perhaps with real big photos with real people.
    Have a great time, a great job, a great family (you have already) and a Greece, you dream about.
    I think, this is my last comment here. Bye.

  3. Hey Vass – congrats on promise fulfilled!

    and regarding the pics in this post -well the first three with the down views of the streets are beautiful. The first one is a bit curvy of a road- the middle one – oh so straight – and then the zig-zag path in the last one – well all three kind of represent the variety of life paths and the changes that come when we try to (and then do) fulfill promises ( 😉 -)

    then, the rainbow pics! your touch of humor (like are you sure there is no gold over there – no euro? or maybe some of the lost stocks that those men were looking for in that previous photo you posted – standing on front of the closed up stock exchange???)

    and nice artsy touch with the J.J. Cale lines – I never heard that song before – it was different from what I expected – but ❤ – nice and blues-y….

    I gotta tell you, ba-by….
    We’ve come to the ennnnd – of the line –

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