Does the pope shit in the woods?

IMG_6459 IMG_6460 IMG_6458

I really suggest visiting these parts…

For Peter and his fine blog:

vg 295 col 11 London 2004

22 thoughts on “Does the pope shit in the woods?

    • Well, I was laughing too that day, although it had a sad ending. I was working my way for a job interview which was outside Athens, a 2 hour trip with public transportation and a 20 minute walk through a pleasant forest, if it weren’t for the stray dogs lιving there. Suddenly I come to a place with this in sight and I take out my camera and snap, while I already pictured this post with this very title. And then, the job interview went rather well, but I didn’t accept the job. You can’t live with 2.5 Euros an hour…

  1. I cannot believe there is a toilet sitting right there – too funny. and maybe it really was put there for the Pope – ha ha

    and the last photo – the striking part of that one is no sign of life. no care, no person, no bike – just the sign. well, there are some weeds and a hint of green – and also some of the windows are opened – but I am curious. Are those the Athens projects?

    • Some villas there must have changed the toilet bowl thing, and instead of disposing of it properly, they damped it in the woods. Made a good theme for a series of photos, but actually revealed some differently filthy habits…
      And the last one is from London. I would be happy to have such lovely project housing in Greece!

  2. Hey Vass, when I was pulling a quote from your blog to use for me 100th post today (woo hoo) – well it was not instantly obvious….! from the comments you leave on my blog, the culture monk’s blog, and then here on your blog – well I had some RICH pickings. but then in a matter of seconds I found the one I wanted – because it summed up you!!

    I found ” Although I keep a photography blog, I am very interested in what people have to say.”

    and Vass, that is you exactly – you have all these varied photographs that span decades and camera type – but as you meander the blogosphere – you really do care what folks have to say – and then you you share a bit along the way – 🙂

  3. Hahaha Vassili, this is so great! I’m glad I’m catching up, I’ve been so busy lately – really missing out! On the other hand, I can safely confirm I don’t give a shit what the Pope does (or where for that matter)… 😀

    • I am close to the end of the line. And on top, it is a very stressful week, for several other reasons. So I’m glad you are here and of course who cares about that faultless man.

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