A shadow in the rain.

A shadow in the rain.

Downtown Athens is not very fascinating. Old, dirty buildings that were built without beauty in mind. Hastily raised, they have tainted the once beautiful landscape. Athens has the peculiarity of being both one of the oldest cities in the world, (with its history going back for more than 3400 years) and at the same time being a new one, at least with the modern standards. In 1821, (the year of the Greek revolution against the Turks) it was just a town of no more than 4000 people. From 4000 to almost 5 million in less than 200 years, has been a shock for the beautiful landscape. What makes it worse is that due to the crisis these buildings are abandoned, stay empty for many months or even years.  Yet, there are places to visit, little hidden treasures that the average tourist usually misses in his short stay.

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