A shadow in the rain.

A shadow in the rain.

Downtown Athens is not very fascinating. Old, dirty buildings that were built without beauty in mind. Hastily raised, they have tainted the once beautiful landscape. Athens has the peculiarity of being both one of the oldest cities in the world, (with its history going back for more than 3400 years) and at the same time being a new one, at least with the modern standards. In 1821, (the year of the Greek revolution against the Turks) it was just a town of no more than 4000 people. From 4000 to almost 5 million in less than 200 years, has been a shock for the beautiful landscape. What makes it worse is that due to the crisis these buildings are abandoned, stay empty for many months or even years.  Yet, there are places to visit, little hidden treasures that the average tourist usually misses in his short stay.

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vg 285 col 27 London 2004 vg 285 col 33 London 2004

21 thoughts on “A shadow in the rain.

  1. Enjoyed the historical details. And when we lived in San Jose, California in 2002, there were rows and rows of empty business offices in certain areas. A ghost-town from the burst of the dot-com bubble in 2001, and I heard a relate (or 2.0 bubble burst) could happen again. anyhow, regarding the pictures today, my favorite part was all the windows in each photo. 🙂

    • I fear that the internet as we know it will die, because less and less people will have access to it, instead of more, that are a prerequisite in order to thrive. The new laws that are trying to pass, in the name of “intellectual policy” are really the coffin of it. And believe me I believe in intellectual property, but not in the way they try to frame it… A big talk, if you are interested we can share opinions!

  2. One good think about living abroad is that you keep the picture of a city as you knew it; and that stays with you in good times and bad. So my Athens may be a monster of a city but a pretty one at that! Even today that she isn’t at her best….
    On the other two photos, I could have sworn they were in Brussels! Especially the last one is definitely, unmistakably Brussels – even if it’s not!

    • Since I have never lived abroad for long periods, I can only imagine what you describe. But even for me, the memories are always there. They cause a great pain in the heart and mind, ripping your past and throwing it to the fire. Some dismiss it as merely childhood memories, seeing the world through virgin eyes, but I say it is not that. Not just that. The world , the streets, people were a world you could almost taste when you were a child. A world which was all yours. And all these changes are exactly that. Alienating you from the only world you knew. Now you are a stranger at home. And as the great Gil – Scott Heron used to say:”Home is where the hatred is… and it might not be such a bad idea, if I never went home again”.
      The two colour ones are from London. The second near the Barbican if I remember correctly.

      • It is so difficult to strike a balance between good change and destructive change, isn’t it? I see the same happening here in Brussels although recently those voices against Bruxellization did become louder. As for Athens, G-S Heron covered me fully….

        • GS Heron had scheduled a concert in Athens just weeks before his departure for the Great Poet in the sky. Change. Big discussion. Hope we are given a chance to discuss it, sometime.

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