My uncle has never been to London

My uncle

on a rainy day

For Maurice and his drive to draw so many  masterpieces:

vg 284 col 29 London 2004

vg 284 col 30 London 2004

16 thoughts on “My uncle has never been to London

  1. Your uncle didn’t have a Tardis! Neither do I but this brings me some 40 years back to a tiny village where great granpa lived in a house with an edible garden and animals. We visited sometimes and it was fun and a bit scary to come so close to livestock, we silly city kids! But I did enjoy running behind chicken (not so much when they were running behind me) 🙂

  2. Well as cool as London is….i definitely don’t think its the end of the world. Now if you said that your uncle hasn’t ever been to Athens…. now that would be down right strange 😉

    • Somebody had put the like button back! 😉 Thanks! Just a staged thing. I happened to walk and all of a sudden, nothing happened. I waited a little bit and…nothing kept on happening. 😉 Douglas Adams.

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