Checking the city train lines

Checking the city train lines

And being in a very good mood! Good morning from Athens!

For Pelly, who I first met through her blog and admired her photos and still enjoyed her vivid spirit after meeting her in person, by chance!  Athens is but a small village after all!

vg 293 col 04 London 2004

vg 293 col 05 London 2004

vg 293 col 06 London 2004

19 thoughts on “Checking the city train lines

    • I have many, but have to look for them. Unfortunately due to some things going on right now, I will have to post them to you personally, or you will have to wait indefinitely if I ever decide to start blogging again.

  1. nice shots – and my biggest wonder with this series has to do with that first photo. Where were you when you took the picture? Hanging off the back of the train? I know you photographers do a lot to “get” the shot, but really Vass, how did you get this one? so curious….. 😉

  2. Can’t thank you enough Vassili, for your generosity and kindness… I’ll surely miss your artistic blog, but I understand the reasons why 😉 I have no doubt you’ll keep walking and photographing… and I am so looking forward to our second photoshoot!

    • You know it! Quitting is the easy part! Hanging on to it is difficult. some people have quit smoking over 1000 times. And let’s not mention drinking… 😉 No one of the reasons is that time for blogging deprives me from the time I need to do the work. But no use kicking a dead pig. Unless you want to soften it. 😉

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