A reflection of a reflection

A reflection of a reflection

A mess with mirrors

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vg 295 col 30 London 2004

vg 295 col 33 London 2004

16 thoughts on “A reflection of a reflection

  1. That first photo is funky and cool. wow – it is one that you need to keep sorta figuring out.
    and the two from UK – colorful and fun. And those flowers int he second photo are amazing – rooftop garden and all – I love flowers and I have never quite seen anything like this on a building. And of course the shot you gave us had the row house all to the right – other buildings = and a tiny bit of graffiti to the left – adding a bit of interest and a mood for this location. 🙂

    • Thank you! The reflections photo has been looming around for quite sometime, waiting its turn to be published. A successful example for such a photo, but in general nothing special, I’m afraid. The other two were just fun! The Hope and anchor is a famous club in London, that many bands played. The other one was the a trial (and error) to break the perspective of a wide angle lens.

    • In fact apart from Bulgaria it is the only place abroad I have been, and there only once, for 2 weeks! So I guess by default it is my favourite place! Although I had more fun and memories form Bulgaria.

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