November at Omonia square

November at Omonia square

A long long time ago, when bad news were only distant clouds.

For this lovely blog that has kept me company for quite some time with its variety of posts:

vg 285 col 34 London 2004 vg 289 col 12 London 2004 vg 290 col 23 London 2004

And some sight seeing photos from London and Oxford for good measure!

15 thoughts on “November at Omonia square

  1. enjoyed the photos today (and checked out the link – the double whirler looks cool….)
    well ym boys and I are studying British Lit this year – so when we get to John Wesley – I will show them this post ands that photo of the probably place (lol) where he felt his heart greatly warmed….
    enjoyed the windows in today’s post too…. 🙂

  2. also wanted to note that the blue text is back and the words are over the bricks again – and I think it has to do with my view settings and it only has problems with certain blog themes…. just wanted to share that. 🙂

    • Oh, the John Wesley one. 😉 But on the last one if you check, George Bernard Shaw and Virginia Woolf lived in that house. It is so rare to find such signs in Athens…

  3. I’ve been to London twice and each time and I swear, I could close my eyes and point the camera and every photo would still be awesome……on a totally unrelated point, as I’m typing this I was just told that Phillip Seymour Hoffman was just found dead from an overdose…….

    • Sorry to hear that. He was a great actor, one of the few from this generation. I guess success comes at a cost.
      Yes, London does this to you. But I have to admit also that from good to great and from great to spectacular is a long distance. I know, I only took tourist photos in London.

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