A new life in the dumpster

A new life in the dumpster

Some time ago, while I was traveling outside Athens for a photo project, I heard very weak miaous from a dumpster. I went to look and inside a plastic bag I found 3 little newborn kitten, 2 of them already dead. This one was still alive, but without its mother…
Probably the family that had the cat, took the newborns and threw them away, so that they wouldn’t have to care and feed 3 more cats. I really didn’t know what to do. In similar cases (but with bigger ones and near my home) I searched for a safe home for them, but this one was too little and too far away from my home.
Reminded me of one of the scenes in Pearl Buck’s masterpiece: Portrait of a Marriage, where the wife for the same reasons disposes of the little cats, orderly so that her sensitive husband won’t find out about it.

As a way to patch up your hurt feelings, try this wonderful blog, full of drawings from old children’s books: http://elephantadvice.wordpress.com/

vg 282 col 14 London 2004

vg 290 col 17 London 2004