Saying goodbye to January

Saying goodbye

vg b258 bw 43a st 2002 alonisos vg b025 bw 04 st 2000 at Naxos port

rehearsals for retirement.

for andrbov and his fine photos.   Haven’t seen any posts for quite a while, hope he is OK!

And here is his blog:

vg 291 col 34 London 2004

Single handed sailor!

32 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to January

    • Thank you Lia! It is a diary of a year, and it would hurt me to put it down. So much time devoted, without proof. And yet, it is tempting thought, if I was to rely solely on the experience. No, it will stay up.

  1. nice pictures!! the Cutty Sark was my fav of this series – seeing the part of the ship that is usually submerged was really interesting – and liked the shadow of the person… 🙂

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