Strangers passing in the street, by chance two separate glances meet.

Strangers passing in the street, by chance two separate glances meet

And I am you and what I see is me.(Echoes by Pink Floyd)
Lost in the highways of life, lonely in our driver’s seat,
what we want and what we get, will never meet
but somehow we have to get to the meeting point.
And maybe you won’t be there, but you’ll always be with me

For Malin and her beautiful blog

vg 285 col 36 London 2004

41 thoughts on “Strangers passing in the street, by chance two separate glances meet.

  1. You know those times you’re just driving not thinking of anything and you look over and the person driving next to you who is probably doing the same thing looks over at you at the same time? Perfect picture…perfect post!

    • Thank you John! I really don’t know what to choose as my favorite from their whole canon. Surely one of my favorites. Ah, I would probably go for Comfortably numb, but the Pulse live version.

      • No – I have not read the book….

        But I do want to add that I used to really like Pink Floyd (as I see most of your readers do as well!! 😉

        and wow, the first time I ever heard pink floyd it was a triple shot weekend and the radio station played three in a row. It was near a creek – with a group of friends – and we were listening to the songs on one of those huge silver boom boxes – lol – but it sounded so good and I was like “who the heck is this??”
        I also knew the “headphones only” PF crowd – but it was always radio for moi. anyhow, cool PF lyrics to add to that photo – and that is such a longggggg song, looks like we could scroll through a bunch of photos with that one playing. Oh – and when my first son was four – he liked the song “welcome to the machine” – it was cute.

        • Welcome to the machine is a song for a failed rebellion. It is so bitter to listen how people used to think of authorities and ways to rebel and punish their oppressors. But all the singing is done IN THE MACHINE! It must be frightful for parents of older generations, “you bought a guitar to punish your ma, and you didn’t like school and you know you’re nobody’s fool”. How rage and bitterness is combined here… In 1992 I was roaming downtown Athens and I came upon the Dark side of the Moon record. I bought it second hand for 100dr. (less than half a dollar) I went back home and listened to it through headphones, so that I wouldn’t bother my brother sleeping. The lyrics in the gate fold were just mind blowing. Time has the best sum up of the lost 10 years of life (I still can’t remember how quickly my twenties went by). And then I started buying all their records, with money from my first job in 1993. And each one was a new experience.

          • wow – I call that “behind the music with Vass…..”
            well I keep a CD of Dark side of the moon in the truck and play it once in a while (genius stuff) -even though my favorite songs are from other albums. Vera may be my very favorite -(and Spotify will only play a Tommay Shaw version of it) but the show must go on is special to me too – and cool how you got your first copy for so little. very cool. oh – and one more “corn story” – I saw PF in Toronto in Fall 1987 – bought four tickets in the spring for 25$ each, but my car was acting up at the time and so I traded a ticket to the show to a guy (Jeff) if he would drive us up from Bfl. (2+ hour drive). I did not like the concert very much, but think that is just me – I finally realized concerts are not my thing…. lol
            do you have a favorite PF song?

            • I will let you into a little secret. One of the last posts (perhaps the very last one) has the lyrics of the most famous Vera Lynn song that Waters actually implies in his lyrics.
              So heartfelt when he almost screams”Vera, Vera, what has become of you, does anybody else in here, feels the way I do…” . Although the song is so little, it is so powerful. Well apart Comfortably numb, the Pulse version, I like very much this one:
              and this one:

              Usually the sonic experience of PF, relies in the whole, rather than the parts, although the parts stand just as well on their own. But on these early albums, this was not the case. After Dark side, it was a concept experience, like listening to movements of a classical piece. And it is no surprise that in the UK that they had contro; over the releases, they never cared to issue singles, from 1973 to 1979, when they released Another brick, but of course that was because they were in dire straits, owing millions to the IRS…

    • Thank you! Had to pay tribute to them somehow. Saw “The Wall” the past summer. Less a concert, more of a show! But the music was superb. Missed Gilmour’s vocals and his Comfortably numb extended solo. Had a point and shoot camera and was too far to have any decent results…

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