Bottle without a message

Bottle without a message

or any spirit whatsoever.

For Ksenia’s blog, long now silent, but well worth a visit:

vg 295 col 27 London 2004

vg 295 col 27 London 2004a

8 thoughts on “Bottle without a message

  1. Hey Vass- nice pics today. The man in the bottom two has such a sad feel.

    But the bottle – well I totally get a message from it – and instead of being void of any spirit at all – it has a warm feeling to me.

    Here’s my take on the bottle -(if I may – 😉
    I assume this is a beach somewhere – the walkway “to” access the beach. The bottle whispers that life was recently here….

    The label is still on enough to know that the bottle has not been on the beach too long. And while I know it is trash – this is the start of the beach glass that we’d collect as children – which is usually never found today.

    Also, the “way” the label is missing – it reminds me of how my girlfriends and I would carefully – and gently – peel off a bottle label when we were out – to save as memories- and I still think I have one or two of those labels in a very old scrapbook. (And my brothers used to stick some bottle labels to their wall – lol) – but the way the label glue is there looks exactly like some of our bottles used to look like once we surgically removed and then saved the memory label. Also, the classic brown bottle hints of higher quality beverage – whether it was a root beer or crafty brew – the brown bottle versus a can adds to it. And so the message to me was that someone had a very refreshing and tasty beverage while they enjoyed seaside aesthetics – but on their way – they maybe got sloppy and missed recycling this one. ok, totally cheesy – but ’twas my take.

    • Wow, you have managed to write 100-200 interesting words for a piece of trash! 😉 This beach was full of bottles and trash. But most of it must have come from the sea. This knowledge alone have probably stopped me from giving any of the meanings you apply!I was trying to make something out of them, totally involved in an aesthetic result devoid of any other meaning.

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