The storm was looming above the playground

The storm was looming above the playground

But I was traveling north, only time for this photo.

For this wonderful blog that combines photos and words:

vg 284 col 18 London 2004 vg 284 col 17 London 2004

P.S. Footnote for Malin’s yesterday post! Isn’t it strange how we see things and drag them out of obscurity?

vg 10 bw 07st 2001 athens thission train station vg 10 bw 06st 2001 athens thission train station_2



26 thoughts on “The storm was looming above the playground

  1. well the rain photos were a pleasant surprise! I love weather photos – and the sculpture in the awnings adds something nice- also – the two photos of the rain are of the perfect size and I enjoyed them more because of the placement in the post (if that makes any sense… 😉
    alos, the first picture reminded me of a surrealist art painting – you know, where random things are placed here and there- not totally – but it felt like a “created” scene = with the mountains, cars, bench, old school merry-go-round – and of course I noticed the storm in the sky….

    • I have to admit that this post came in three parts. The original b&w top photo, a tribute to a better time. The playground was by a big road rest place, a giant building over the highway, with restaurants, fats food, toy stores, and many other shops like a shopping Mall, in the middle of nowhere. I went by there in 2013, for a memorial service, and most of the shops were closed, because of the crisis. This giant building had become a ghost. Thankfully the few remaining shops kept the building from falling into pieces.
      I took some photos, but for another blog, another time.
      Part two was about the newly scanned London photos I have been adding to every post until the end. These two were fitting for the title! Of course nothing special.
      Part three was added yesterday after visiting this blog: It was waving really, nothing more!

    • Thank you!
      You know it is a form of justice. Rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, etc. everybody and everything reaches an end. 😉
      It is not really a countdown, it is a normal day here for me. Working many crazy hours, having the kids in the afternoon and once in a while watching the comments. The posts are prepared a month ago, but photos and texts were added, as usual. The fact that I made it known, that I will stop, was merely because I like doing things in orderly fashion. And a good way to introduce you to each other, because you deserve it.

      • Ha ha probably will still take me a few days, they had some VERY strong opinions about what is going on in Greece and I need time to process what they said and what I think they meant, cuz initially I felt like there was an element of hypocrisy I’m what they were saying.

        That’s kind of the way I process conversations: I take a couple days, weeks, sometimes even months, in which I just think about what someone told me and I consider it from different perspectives…….

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