From a trip to Halkida

vg b378 bw 14 st 2003 - Halkida vg b378 bw 12 st 2003 - the bridge of Halkida vg b378 bw 11 st 2003 -tsiment factory at Halkida vg b378 bw 10 st 2003 -tsiment factory at Halkida

A beautiful city but here you only get to see its bridge and one of the factories outside the city.

One of the few blogs I follow which searches the internet for wonderful photos and present them to us!

8 thoughts on “From a trip to Halkida

  1. wow!!!! It is hard to believe that there is a beautiful city on the other side of this factory – 😉
    but you know, these shot really capture the beautiful side of this factory – and I like how that little boat lines up with the center structure in the factory – I like how you framed that shot.

    Also, that bridge, well we happen to have one similar about 12 miles from us here in Richmond…. small world after all.

    and lastly, all those reflections – well as a pro you may take that for granted, but form a non-professional looking on – well I find the reflections mesmerizing- especially the last photo – but then the bridge reflection is amazing too – hmmm

    • Beautiful is a relative term in Greece. Many cities were ruined by the modern tall multi apartment buildings, that were built without an architect’s plan (an engineer can sign for buildings in Greece, but usually they go after functionality only and not beauty) and in reality without a central planning from the government. The cities are crammed with such monstrosities, from the mountains to the seaside, and only few cities that had an “old” part were somehow saved. Halkida has one, alas very small. But it still is a very beautiful city because of its location. Thank you for the comment. I believe that this calmness was captured because I was very calm that moment as well. Sometimes you only get to see things that resemble your mood.

    • The boats are relative small size that man can relate too,and simple enough so he can understand, and old to have penetrated his very senses and exiting even as symbols of adventure. So in a way, instead of putting a human figure in front of the inhuman factory, (for practical reasons obviously 😉 ) I found this boat doing the trick!

    • A bridge for me is one of the most wonderful and useful architectural and engineering achievements. And this means that the brains behind it, have to take into consideration the surroundings. What’s the use throwing pearls before swines…

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