They say “Save for a rainy day”

But then fire comes and takes everything away from you. Rings a bell? Not yet?

From the fire in mount Penteli a couple of years ago.

For Andy and his lovely blog:

vg 284 col 13 London 2004

vg 292 col 23 London 2004

14 thoughts on “They say “Save for a rainy day”

    • Thank you. After the big fires that destroyed the forests in the two big mountains of Athens, I went up there to record it. Many photos, but just can’t stand the sight. This one had somehow the message of hope in it.

    • Thank you! The b&w photos of the posts are the originally intended. I just placed a couple from my London trip, because I just found them and since it marks 10 years from that trip, it called for a celebration!

  1. The first photo is amazing. It looks like an ant or other kind of insect mound in the foreground. In the U.S. there are certain kinds of seeds that can only germinate after a fire. Perhaps Greece also has species like this. Birds drop seeds too. We can count on the birds!

    • Thank you for your comment full of hope! Unfortunately some greedy humans have been burning this place over and over the last 30 years. Any new trees that came from the ashes were burnt or not protected and animals ate them, so there were no new seeds for a natural re-foresting. Of course there are efforts to plant new ones, but I can’t put my hopes high anymore…

    • Me too! Getting up early to walk through London and I visited an empty Trafalgar square, (actually watched it being hosed clean, by municipal workers) and all of a sudden I spotted the cup!

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