Before I go, here are some of the blogs I had the honour of reading and following. pt. 1

Before I go, here are the blogs I had the honour of reading and following. pt. 1

For Marina and her fantastic art:


All this time, apart from posting I also followed and read many blogs. It was a conversation after all. Here are the ones that stood the test of time for me. Pt.1 All real people, with unique ideas about art and life and a kind spirit to help and share both joys and sorrows! Some of them have stopped posting new things, but their blogs are up there and deserve the time to go through them! For the regulars in my blog, the ones with the asterisk * , have their one dedicated post, so probably you have visited their blog, or will find them again until the 17th of February.  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * *  * * *  * *  *  * *  *  *  * * * *  *  * *  *  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *

vg 292 col 20 London 2004

vg 293 col 13 London 2004

30 thoughts on “Before I go, here are some of the blogs I had the honour of reading and following. pt. 1

        • Thank you Jeff. It would be a great relief to tell you the truth. And you will find you have more time as well! 😉 By the way, nothing’s changed in Greece despite the huge protest movement. The government marches on, over dead people, mumbling something about growth…

  1. Oh, not good to hear, that you’re leaving.
    Your blog is very inspiring for me. Such a great work.
    On the other side, I can understand it. In order to meet its own requirements, it is a lot of work. And it isn’t the real life.
    I wish you and your family the best that I can, and at last is to say, that your work had an influence on mine.
    Perhaps we meet again in some time.

    • Hey there is time up ahead and anyway I am only leaving the blog! Hopefully (?) I will be here for the real life ! Inspiration was mutual, well, I was benefited more, I guess. And in a better time I would be more than glad to keep it running, but I have to make ends meet and this means all the time I can spare. If you ever come by Athens, call me up!

  2. Sorry to hear that you are going. Hopefully, it will be only temporary. Many thanks for the great images, exchanges and inspiration – these are need to keep a blog going, especially when it gets hard to have new ideas. Your presence on the web is greatly appreciated.

  3. pretty clever how you got the word devotion above the “burnt out?” sign on the bus. Because it truly sums up how finishing a goal – and being devoted to the end – well it comes with a cost!! and then that cool little sign in the 2nd photo – with “way out” – oh this was just good stuff!

    and as I told you before, I too am sad you are exiting the blogosphere, but glad you will still be around of’ real. 🙂

    • Hey there, thank you for taking the time to crack the puzzles! Wow, going under the microscope! 😉 OK, the Burnt out? was an “in your face” thing, not much in hiding, but the second one with “Way out”, took some observing. Nice! The fact that I have been working in an ice cream factory the last couple of summers, is something only few people know, but it is something the historians must learn in order to write the story and add secret meanings to the photos. 😉 Only kidding. The photo is old, taken 10 years ago. Of course I haven’t even thought of that connection when choosing the photo. And the first one has two words in white paint sprayed on the wall that reads :”Pao Pantou” Παο Παντου. Pao is short for the Greek soccer team Panathinaikos (if apart from coaching you get to learn the story of soccer, Panathinaikos was the only Greek soccer team to ever reach the final of a European champion in 1971 ) . Anyway, the word pao, with a different spelling in Greek, means going/leaving and “Pao Pantou” means “I am going everywhere”. But really… 😉

      • Hi Vass – well it was not really a microscope – I just enjoy photos – and you are truly gifted – and so keep that in mind as you serve ice cream or do other things – because sadly, genius talents don’t bring in big dollars – too bad too – but so often a person has all these gifts and brilliant skills, and instead has to adapt and maybe even change expectations, ya know?

        so I was not looking too deep – I promise – and I missed the Pao Pantou – but how cool is that!

        and speaking of “reading” stuff – I still am amazed at not only your eye for photos – but how you whipped out all that commentary about mr and mrs andrews that one day – what a mind. 🙂

        and so be encouraged as you move forward (and I know there are about 30 posts left still) but just remember that a legacy is left by pushing on through hum drum and sometimes by just doing what we do – WHEN we can- 🙂 and God has good things in store, I really believe that.

        • As Kazantzakis used to say: “Ι hope (expect) nothing, I fear nothing, I am free”. Although expectations used to be a thing some 20 years ago, when I was waving goodbye to my young self and took up the first job, they have long stopped bugging me. I take anything in order to make ends meet, so no expectations. But there is a limit, because you can’t temper with the expectations about dignity, honor and ultimately human life and surviving. You see, if our politicians and big businesses treat and in result turn people to animals, they can not expect from them to behave like humans. It is coming down to survival.

          I think Marx and Lenin got everything wrong, when speaking about the Church. It could never be the opium of the people. Instead they should have considered their empty of compassion system to be the ultimate idea opium, a real day to day propaganda, like all ideas and propaganda. Capitalism, communism, they all suffer, because their attention is in this world. And unfortunately this is the fragile balance Christians have to be able to maintain, between this world and the small pleasures and everyday struggle to get by, and the next one which is unfortunately over-shadowed by the hardships of life. So yes, I believe that God has good things in store, but you have to make an effort and a change for yourself and family. I really don’t care about posterity, everything fades in time. The effort to create art (regardless of the result) is on its own a philosophy of time, an effort to touch freedom at its purest form. So its main function can hardly be communication. But when it happens, like in our case it adds to the general feeling! Thank you for the kind inspiring words!

    • Bahhh, save goodbyes for last day! It may not be a party with cake and drinks, but it will be the perfect occasion! Anyway, it is way too early for goodbyes. almost 3 weeks. You see, I had to schedule much of these last 60 posts in a couple of days in December and the very act, must have shrunken time considerably and that shows now. 😉 But too early or too late, time erases everything.

  4. Vass – you also inspired me last night – when I read the blogs you shared and even other times when you dedicate a post to someone – well it gave me an idea to dedicate post to someone who was on my mind all week – so thanks for that mi blogosphere amigo! 🙂

    • Thank you but I’m not going anywhere really, don’t worry. I just can’t afford the time and energy it takes to maintain the blog. You know lately this blog thing has been shaping a new reality for me, which is not me at all. Everything in me wanted out. Maybe if things were different in Greece and the world, I would feel differently about it. Now I just need all the time, in order to make ends meet. Anyway, I just wanted to fulfill a promise and bow out gracefully. Nothing dramatic really. Just saying goodbye to each one of you out there takes some time, and unfortunately I don’t have as much. The blog will stay up, so communication will be possible. If there is something to say, I will be available.

    • I only once or twice went out looking for other interesting blogs, at the very beginning, when I was starting. After a while, time was scarce, so I just followed the ones that were beautiful and interesting and promising for many complex reasons, and without looking for only photography, after they reached me first. And then I went through an intense phase (heavy working hours) that I was suffering to follow all of them and I un-followed some. And I re-followed them when I found the time again.

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