vg b377 bw 44 st 2003 the Academy of arts and science

The statue of Athena, outside the Academy of arts and sciences in Athens

For Y  her fascinating blog and her charming character!

vg 295 col 17 London 2004 vg 295 col 18 London 2004

11 thoughts on “Athena

      • thank you dear

        let me ask you one question

        why dont you put the like button on your blog

        so followers who like the picture can just click the button, commenting on every picture is difficult

        sorry but i had to tell you

        • I am really sorry for the inconvenience. I had explained insufficiently some 150 posts back why I removed the like button and temporarily deactivated the comments as well. In a nutshell, I feel that the communication amongst us is much better if you actually have something to say to the other person. Pushing the like button feels more like a poll, and really I am not after likes and popularity contests.
          But of course this is only the way I perceive blogging! 😉
          Anyway, I really try to give back equally the time other people spend on my blog, and it was getting out of hand. As a way to limit things, I thought removing comments and likes would do the trick, but after a while I thought that it feels less of a blog and more like a electronic gallery and I didn’t like the feel of it either. So I brought comments back for communication, and came to the decision to end this blog in 20 days, and since the like button was already off, it stayed off.
          Sorry about this. I still hope there is an analysis out there, about wordpress and blogging matters. Because it would really be helpful to see how other bloggers feel and react on the likes and comments…

          • Okay dear if you feel that way its absolutely okay dear
            but i do not like to comments on every picture you put as some of them I just liked so I told you that, extremely sorry dear, but why do you close the blog for no reason

            thank you and hope you will not close a beautiful blog

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