View of Acropolis from the top of Lycabettus Hill. For Lia in Brussels!

vg b328 bw 42 st 2003 Acropolis as seen from Lycabetus hill vg b328 bw 44 st 2003 Acropolis as seen from Lycabetus hill vg b328 bw 09 st 2003 Acropolis as seen from Lycabetus hill

One of the wonders of the ancient world. And a great big wonder how we have ended up in the mess we are in today…

One of the blogs I follow enthusiastically, for its fine art reviews, the city tours, photos and ideas and most of all  the kind and joyous person behind it! Here it is:


14 thoughts on “View of Acropolis from the top of Lycabettus Hill. For Lia in Brussels!

    • You are welcome anytime! The weather is great, even during the winter. Today it was sunny and warm up to 17 Celsius. We have rain only 50-60 days each year in Athens and snows once in every 5 years. Summers on the other hand, can be torturous, some times over 42 Celsius for 7 days in a row. But I guess it is only hot for the working people not so much for the traveler! If you decide to come call me up and we can go take some new photos from up there! By the way, these photos are taken from the top of Lycabettus hill. The one depicted in a previous b&w post, with the small chapel on top. If you look closely underneath the Acropolis, the small houses you see are the place from which Lycabettus hill photos were taken.

      • thanks for the reply – and I looked closely and saw the houses. And it will be a few years before we make it (at least two) but I hope we keep in touch – it is so easy to lose touch – oh – and same goes here – the middle east coast of the united states has some nice things to offer – much different than your area – which by the way, thanks again for these fascinating pictures just now.

        • Better late than ever! Well every area has its merits. Otherwise people would have left. Even the desert has some advantages. But it takes too much convincing from the real estate agent to sell you a plot of land in the Sahara.. 😉 I used to want to visit the States. Most great photographers have done a major part of their work there. But I don’t know anymore. It seems less and less the land, I had pictured in the 80ies. Maybe some day if we ever get out of the crisis.

  1. one more thing – this may not matter, but it is kind of hard to read what is on your blog because the black and blue are hard to make out with the dark tone of the background bricks – hmmm

    • Although it is near the end of the blog run, I am very concerned with what you say. But I really don’t quite understand. In my screen everything is crystal clear. Yes, there is black but no blue. Do we see a different screen altogether? And the bricks are many tones lighter than the black outline of the main center column. Any screen shots available, would be greatly appreciated. 😉

  2. All the more joyous now that I found your dedication! Thank you Vassili, for the mention, your photos, your work, your spirit, your beautiful eye! But most of all thank you for being a friend!

    PS: I love these all the more precisely because of their little flaws.. and because of the unbeatable view from Lycabettus!

    • Long overdue, and since there are less than 40 posts, I thought that this was most fitting! Thank you Lia, for the view of the world outside the narrow boundaries of Athens! The cheapest and best way to travel! 😉

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