And the waves rolled again, claiming the branch. For my friend Jeff, who deconstructs the myths.

And the waves rolled again, claiming the branch

Because the sea is forever, while a photograph is forgotten.

Although I keep a photography blog, I am very interested in what people have to say. My TV is an old box that some times gets two scrambled channels, since I didn’t buy a decoder, to watch the private corporations propaganda.  Isn’t it strange how with an EU order, the private Greek TV channels, that DO NOT have permits and own huge amounts of money to the public, have created a conglomerate that actually has the monopoly of the digital earth TV signal. The public TV& radio ERT who by default had all the earth transmitters and was the only station with the appropriate documentation, was left out of the deal and soon after the government Shut it off! Now they opened a new public TV, which is a shadow of itself.   That is why  I never turn it on. Radio in Greece is getting worse as well. Even the entertainment programs are crammed with spoken endorsing advertisements and propaganda. Since I can’t stand them either, I have turned to the blog sphere and looked for “news” that are real for everybody. One of the best “channels” was this one. Jeff has become a friend, although I doubt that we’ll ever meet. He writes with humor, style and passion. Thank you Jeff.

Here are some photos depicting the BT tower in London as seen from Primrose Hill/Park.

vg 287 col 01 London 2004 vg 287 col 02 London 2004 vg 287 col 03 London 2004 vg 287 col 07 London 2004