And the waves rolled again, claiming the branch. For my friend Jeff, who deconstructs the myths.

And the waves rolled again, claiming the branch

Because the sea is forever, while a photograph is forgotten.

Although I keep a photography blog, I am very interested in what people have to say. My TV is an old box that some times gets two scrambled channels, since I didn’t buy a decoder, to watch the private corporations propaganda.  Isn’t it strange how with an EU order, the private Greek TV channels, that DO NOT have permits and own huge amounts of money to the public, have created a conglomerate that actually has the monopoly of the digital earth TV signal. The public TV& radio ERT who by default had all the earth transmitters and was the only station with the appropriate documentation, was left out of the deal and soon after the government Shut it off! Now they opened a new public TV, which is a shadow of itself.   That is why  I never turn it on. Radio in Greece is getting worse as well. Even the entertainment programs are crammed with spoken endorsing advertisements and propaganda. Since I can’t stand them either, I have turned to the blog sphere and looked for “news” that are real for everybody. One of the best “channels” was this one. Jeff has become a friend, although I doubt that we’ll ever meet. He writes with humor, style and passion. Thank you Jeff.

Here are some photos depicting the BT tower in London as seen from Primrose Hill/Park.

vg 287 col 01 London 2004 vg 287 col 02 London 2004 vg 287 col 03 London 2004 vg 287 col 07 London 2004

11 thoughts on “And the waves rolled again, claiming the branch. For my friend Jeff, who deconstructs the myths.

  1. Vassilis, do you have any opinion about the Danes (i.e. people from Denmark?) a few nights ago I met a couple from Denmark in their early forties and we ended up staying at the bar till late in the night and we must have talked about Greece for nearly 3 hours…..they had some very STRONG opinions about what is going on in Greece and the economy and what not…..but I don’t wanna say what they said until I hear if you have any particular opinion about people from Denmark because those were the first people that I’d ever had such a lengthy conversation with.

    • I believe that they are the country of Hamlet! No, have not got anything in particular pro or against them. In general, they are the Scandinavians mostly affected by the European crisis, (Finland coming second but having a strong economy they are not affected, yet voicing some harsh things through some of their politicians) Anyway, I believe they are good people and have bad people in a ratio similar as the whole world. I don’t know if they had a bad opinion or a good one, although it matters very little: they are not affecting the foreign policy through their votes and elected representatives, since politicians capable of making their own decisions are an endangered species in Europe. But they have a better education and young people can usually see through the lies all over the world. If they were a bit older I would suspect them of accusing the Greeks for the state we are in. So, how is it going? Having a great time?

  2. the TV tower looks like a fantastic ruin… but my favorite picture is the first one from the park, with the tiny clear figures standing out so cleanly from the green… mesmerizing

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one! If I wanted, I couldn’t have thought of a better example of a society in (self) destruction; of course the public tv/radio was not feeding loads of crap to the people therefore it had to go…

    • I can only say as an example, that exquisite films like the French-Iranian “The Past” (2013), can never be broadcasted in these channels, because they find such films not-commercial, and eventually the audience will not have access to such films. In the end creators of such films will no longer afford to create these low key masterpieces and our world will become poorer. And all people more shallow…

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  5. Thank you Vassilis for this touching tribute. Somehow I missed this. The radio and tv airwaves are similarly compromised in the U.S. and the blogosphere is one of the best places now for separating fact from fiction.

    Your art and photography is inspiring and your love of Greece and her people is evident. That is something the troika cannot take from you. You likewise have an open invitation to a beer and conversation if you ever are in the states. Peace to you and your family.

    • Jeff. it is a pleasure knowing you. Trying to figure out what is going on in this world is a peculiar thing, especially when you have come to conclusions, contrary to what most people believe. And finding people around the world that think alike, is good for one’s sanity. If I ever come to the States I will certainly try to meet you, but I will have coffee with that conversation!

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