View of Athens and Lycabettus Hill.

vg b342 bw 25 st 2003 Lycabetus kill as seen from Anafiotika Plaka vg b342 bw 19 st 2003 at Anafiotika Plaka vg b342 bw 18 st 2003 at Anafiotika Plaka

from Anafiotika, right beneath Acropolis. A magical place in Athens.

Nearly the beginning of my blog “life” I encountered many blogs with photos. Since my time is limited, I had to be very strict with the decision of which ones to follow. This one has always provided wonderful photos.

23 thoughts on “View of Athens and Lycabettus Hill.

    • Everything is still up there! And tourists seem to have little idea of its existence. Of course those going to an Aegean Cyclades island will probably see it there, as an “original”, but it is the contrast you mention, between the modern fast paced city underneath and the lost in time (and seemingly space as well) humble homes. Although over time I see more and more homes bought by wealthy people, renovated and although the houses are kept the addition of new doors and windows looks peculiar.

    • There are several volcanoes in Greece, but fortunately not in Athens. But all Greece is a highly seismic territory. Athens has many hills, and mountains around,. Unfortunately because they have built high buildings, most hills are merely visible anymore, even from above, and surely not from ground level. In the distance you can see the Lycabettus Hill, which is the highest of hills, so still visible!

  1. great shots – and again, the first one was my fav – the way the roof lines bring you into the view of the city – really cool shot!! But then the other shots are so amazing – and does the wall say “Just Love” – pretty cool!

    • Thank you! Just Love, although I was unable to check it out last time I was up there. It is a peaceful place, especially during the winter. You go visit and get a taste of Grecian island…

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