P.J. Harvey on Lycabettus Hill, Athens Greece.

P.J. Harvey on Lycabettus Hill, Athens Greece

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Even though the photos are crappy and the concert was a big let down, (very short-less than an hour, the fantastic Greek support act Bokomolech played almost twice as long and she only sung songs from her recent album Uh Huh Her) I created this post because P.J. Harvey deserves it for at least 4-5 albums that have been keeping me company since the nineties.

For the wonderful photo-blog of Claire Atkinson  http://clairejatkinson.wordpress.com/

19 thoughts on “P.J. Harvey on Lycabettus Hill, Athens Greece.

  1. I have to comment this again. Found PJ because of the wonderful “This mess we’re in”. I love it since the first day and until my last, I’m sure. The recent album ist great, too.
    Oh yeah. But I’m shocked, only an hour? The shortest gig I was, hm, could be Midnight Oil, 75 minutes I think.
    The longest concert: Simple Minds: 3 hours.
    With a Uh Huh a very good night!

    • I found out about her from “to bring you my love” album. I dug up her previous recordings and then came stories from the city, stories from the sea which was the most mainstream effort until then. Uh-Huh was not my favorite and listening mainly those songs was peculiar. Anyway, many years have passed and Let England was great. I have heard of shorter gigs, in Greece, like the one of the White Stripes (only two songs and then they walked because they claimed that the stage was dangerous) and Franz Ferdinand after their first record, that had material only for 45 minutes. I have not being in either of them, so only what my friends told me! And the longest, I have heard of was the Cure. More than 3 Hours! But I have missed that as well!

  2. the first picture of this slideshow made me feel the music – the singer with arm in the air – and mic in hand – and knee stance – coollllll.

    and the other pics are nice too – and it is nice to see the extra footage of your city – very beautiful

    • If I was strict enough, I wouldn’t have posted any of these photos. Maybe one, the one you mention. But I was going for that “corner of my eye, flitting moment” feeling. It doesn’t work, but I had to pay tribute to this lady. I have seen many concerts in Lycabetus Hill theater, most (but not all) of them from the rocks outside, since it was too expensive for me to buy the ticket for the show. I prefer to buy the records, for multiple listening enjoyment! Here are some more I have seen. I have made an effort to photograph the ones with *. The results are not that good from up there. Some of them have already appeared in this blog! Some might appear later on.
      Concerts at Lycabetus
      1.Bryan Ferry
      2.Ray Davies*
      3.Pet shop boys
      7.Massive Attack/Dot Allison*
      8.Mark Knopfler*
      9.Aziz Mustafa
      10.Smashing Pumpkins*
      11.Lou Reed
      12.Blues Brothers*

  3. oh, i seem to have missed this post. pj harvey is a long time favourite of mine and that’s indeed where my wordpress name stems from. i have/had another blog (lostfunzone.wordpress.com) dedicated to pj harvey. it is still out there but i don’t update it anymore. i happen to have been the maintainer of the first (and for quite a long time only) german pj harvey fanpage back in the nineties 😉

        • I have a record by Scout Niblett, but I never had the time to delve into her works due to limited time (I bought it about the time my first daughter was born) . I will have to check again and also look for Chlsea Wolfe! Thanks for the recommendations! My all time favorite is always Joni Mitchell. I guess meeting with your fav artists, isn’t about talking, but spending some casual time with them, having a drink, say a couple of jokes, like old friends that meet after long time.

          • regarding chelsea wolfe i’d recommend the grime and the glow and unknown rooms.
            i like your idea of having some casual time with e.g. pj harvey … of course the ‘like old friends’ part might be a bit unbalanced.

            • A bit of drinking might help with the old friends feeling! Of course strictly coffee! You are right, of course, although it has happen with some artists in Athens (namely Zita swoon) , that after their concert went out to grab a bite and fans recognized them and sat with them and from what I have heard they were very friendly and casual.

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