Stereo Total at Bios in Athens Greece. For Kathryn with many thanks for introducing me to so many great things happening, in our Balkan penninsula.

Stereo Total at Bios in Athens Greece

Image1903 Image1902 Image1901 Image1803 Image1804 Image1805 Image1806 Image1802 Image1704 Image1703 Image1801 Image1706 Image1705 Image1701 Image1702 Image1606 Image1605 Image1604 Image1603 Image1505 Image104 Image105 Image106 Image201 Image1602 Image1601 Image1506

One great little polyglot band! When I heard they were coming I rushed to enjoy their act and they were fantastic! In my top five live acts surely!Unfortunately, I was in a phase where I was limiting myself, gear wise, in order to find ways and overcome my photographer’s block. So my equipment was an old Nikkormat with a 105mm f2.5 lens and an ISO 200 & 400 fuji film. These are scans from there, sorry no retouching. I have to thank my dear friend Pollyanna for introducing me to their wonderful music universe! (She has been introducing me to so many good bands and their music, but this band and “The For Carnation” are the top two I found out through her)
Check out their music:

For Kathryn. Her extra fine blog has introduced me to art and great things happening so close to Greece. Here is her blog:

8 thoughts on “Stereo Total at Bios in Athens Greece. For Kathryn with many thanks for introducing me to so many great things happening, in our Balkan penninsula.

  1. And you, in turn, are introducing us to all these interesting bands and wonderful people! And I do love this series… in the third one he looks like a red devil! Of course I’m only a viewer but I’m grateful there was no retouching!…. I think I said that again some time ago… sorry if I’m repeating myself…

  2. so this show made it into your top five live acts? – well it must have been a great show!! –

    well I love the set of pics together – kind of raw and gritty – and pics #8, 10 and 14 are some I liked the most – I think those are the order they were in when I scrolled through – and picture #17 (image 1606) is just super cool with the shadow, the lighting, the angle, the sign in the background with the arrows, the microphone, the hand – etc. – very unique photo!

    • Raw energy! No gimmicks, crazy light shows and fireworks. Musicians (two of them) playing with passion. They are in my top 5. Nick Cave & Hefner are at the top. Belle and Sebastian follow along with Mark Knopfler and then it is them, Kansas, Clinic and Radiohead. But all of them memories. I rarely if ever go to concerts nowadays, and only because I have friend musicians.

  3. I have one more comment on this series of pictures – in the first one, it looks like the musician is hugging himself – is he? Also, the shirt is all wet )obviously with sweat from the show) but I really wonder what he is doing in this shot – do you recall?

    • He was totally soaking wet, he was playing and moving all the time! And then his guitar pick just broke and he didn’t have another one, to play his hand made guitar! He put his guitar down asked for a pick, nobody had one, and then… I can’t quite remember the context of this hugging gesture, but he did it as a joke, his hands showing like he was hugged by somebody else, not hugging himself. My angle, unfortunately revealed the trick. 😉

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