The Callas- A superb DIY group from Athens Greece. For autopict, his photos and the music.

The Callas- A superb DIY group from Athens Greece

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A long time ago, when I had some free time and peace of mind at the same time, I was introduced to many fine things, that do not shout or spend much money to draw your attention. In short, they were EXPERIENCES, as any ART should be. One of these fine things was a group called The Callas. They have issued at least 2 incredible albums (maybe more, but I only have two of them, or is it three? Certainly 3 maybe four. Their latest release “Am I Vertical” was issued not long ago! Produced by Jim Sclavunos! So not so DIY anymore, or not? 😉  ) and I was fortunate to see them play live. They were supporting Stereo Total at Bios (see the day before yesterday and  tomorrow’s posts for more info) and they appeared in an extra small scene with big light bulbs, the drummer playing a kid’s drum kit while both musicians were dressed in Superman’s outfit! And they played like Supermen! They really blew me away! Unfortunately, I was in a phase where I was limiting myself, gear wise, in order to find ways and overcome my photographer’s block. So my equipment was an old Nikkormat with a 105mm f2.5 lens and an ISO 200 & 400 fuji film. These are scans from there, sorry no retouching.
Listen to some of their incredible music here:

This music post is dedicated rightfully to autopict and his blog. Very kind person, always helpful with my inquiries about his wonderful photos (especially the ones that I adore looking at, but never got around doing myself) and his music suggestions that is the music I  like as well! Here is his blog: