Laetitia Sadier and Mouse on Mars at Bios in Athens, Greece, 4 April 2007. For J.E. Lattimer

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Some 6-7 years ago I was photographing for a magazine and I was sent downtown to one of the nicest alternative places in Athens, called Bios. It is a big place with a bar in the front and a nice big space in the back where concerts and exhibitions and happenings take place.
The event was a concert with Laetitia Sadier (of Stereolab) and Mouse on Mars (about the time they collaborated with Mark E. Smith). It was a unique experience with all musicians being in a very good state and mood.

The article was never published and the photos stayed in my computer for a long long time.


I give you most of the photos I took that day, and I hope you enjoy them while listening to

They played music that somehow sounded fitting to the artist J.E. Lattimer and his art I have been following for quite some time  here:

16 thoughts on “Laetitia Sadier and Mouse on Mars at Bios in Athens, Greece, 4 April 2007. For J.E. Lattimer

      • No. I never really did any concert photography.
        Though I remember one concert where they had a film running all over the stage and also being projected in the background…
        …and it was after some other electronic acts hidden behind their laptops – so it was quite refreshing to see something more lively as a performance.

        Laetitia Sandier is the singer of Stereolab, right?
        It must have been interesting to see her together with them..

        • The only way to see and enjoy a concert, (apart from knowing the songs beforehand) is through my cameras. That is why I don’t like going anymore. Too many strict rules about DSLRs and no concern about the damn iphones that are really annoying with their bright screens…
          They pretty much had a projection of stills during the concert, but no film really, If I remember correctly!
          Yes, she is (used to be) one of the singers of Stereolab. The other one unfortunately left this planet far too early.
          It was interesting because I know their works apart!

          • Well, I usually prefer to listen and observe.
            Though, over here, concerts are very expensive now, so I rarely go. For me there hardly is an artist worth paying € 40 or more for.

            • Here were always expensive. Guess because we were away from the center of Europe and have only 3-4 big cities but really only 2 worth having concerts. I used to go to small venues with very resonable ticket (5-20 euros, sometimes including a drink). Now I don’t get out much, due to many factors. Haven’t gone to a cinema for over 7 years…

              • Yes, when I go I usually go to smaller concerts now as well. They are less expansive and you can see the band. (I nerved really understand why people pay so much money for concerts in stations and arenas – where you see miniature figures on stage and in fact watch the concert on the screens most of the time.)
                Last year I went to see A Hawk And A Hacksaw. It was a really small concert (and there were sadly hardly any paying guests) and it was really fantastic.
                I also rarely go to the cinema – but the reason is mainly that I’m not so much into contemporary Hollywood cinema and there hardly is anything else over here. These blockbusters are too much event and too little story for my taste.

  1. Incredible set of photos, Vassilis– It is a shame that they were never published, but at least you have a platform to share them on now! I really like the music as well- Thanks for thinking of my work, I really appreciate it! Keep up the outstanding work over there and have a great week!

  2. nice photos – almost felt like a bit too many at a few points – just hard to soak in or some seemed to not add to the feel – but again – REALLY awesome photos – 🙂

    • Thank you! Some of these last posts, are meant to be tributes/promises/settling with the past. Although I had sent some of these photos to Andy from Mouse on Mars, they were never made public. Since I strongly believe that all fans out there really wish for more material from their artists (in this case photos and a small story) and artists deserve more exposure, I prepared this post with almost everything from that night. I know that putting them all in, would weaken the output as a body, but on the other hand the photos will be out there for anyone to find, see, choose and enjoy his/her picks of the lot. Usually I settle for 1 photo in every 15-20, so probably a regular post would have had only 3-4 photos. Thank you for everything!

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