Laetitia Sadier and Mouse on Mars at Bios in Athens, Greece, 4 April 2007. For J.E. Lattimer

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Some 6-7 years ago I was photographing for a magazine and I was sent downtown to one of the nicest alternative places in Athens, called Bios. It is a big place with a bar in the front and a nice big space in the back where concerts and exhibitions and happenings take place.
The event was a concert with Laetitia Sadier (of Stereolab) and Mouse on Mars (about the time they collaborated with Mark E. Smith). It was a unique experience with all musicians being in a very good state and mood.

The article was never published and the photos stayed in my computer for a long long time.


I give you most of the photos I took that day, and I hope you enjoy them while listening to

They played music that somehow sounded fitting to the artist J.E. Lattimer and his art I have been following for quite some time  here: