This is a promise I have given to Derek, for his friendship and the generous help he has given me to fix my Exakta camera

This is a promise I have given to Derek, for his friendship and the generous help he has given me to fix my Exakta camera

Image606 (2) Image604 (2) Image602 (2) Image601 (2) Image506 (2) Image505 (2) Image504 (2) Image503 (2) Image502 (2) Image501 (2) Image406 (2) Image402 (2) Image306 (2) Image401 (2) Image202 (2)

Almost 8 months after the promise, but better late than even. Since the run of this blog is coming to an end, I though I must keep it! Unfortunately the results from the 2 films I snapped were less than expected, but I was putting too many eggs in one basket, by trying in just a session to take photos with all my cameras and the 3 exakta lenses I have. I have split the results in three categories, (mostly having to do with the lens used) that have aesthetic similarities.
So Derek the camera is fixed, thank you buddy!
But I have to look for a better light meter (the camera lacks one).
I did my (almost) best to bring them to life after scanning them!

27 thoughts on “This is a promise I have given to Derek, for his friendship and the generous help he has given me to fix my Exakta camera

    • Thank you Emil. Further down you may find some more photos from that session, that I a bit more proud of, (but I guess it has to do with the control over them)

  1. first off…the pictures are incredibly awesome….

    secondly…if that’s how you repay someone when they do a favor for you…I need to do A BUNCH OF FAVORS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    thirdly, I’m still extremely pissed/annoyed/fill-in-the-blank that your gonna end the blog….. I’m not gonna say anymore or else i’ll end up saying a cuss word!!!!!

    • First off, thank you Kenneth! You are very kind!

      Secondly, it is not repaying exactly. It is an antidoron, something you give instead of a gift or maybe something you give in return for a gift given to you, but not in order to repay an obligation, but in order to express the gratitude. And since Derek never asked for anything, this is a very small gift of little value (despite having part 2 and 3) for his gesture. This is his wonderful blog:
      But really there is no need for favors. Just a promise! And I promise you one!

      Thirdly, the blog will end on the 17th of February, because the 365 project comes full circle. I have proven to myself that I can do it and also fulfilled a promise to a friend. I would have kept going, but this blogging thing is hardly me. Too much time in front of the screen. And it changes me in ways I don’t like. So maybe a good thing after all. I might start again after a couple of seasons, I probably won’t. You are always welcome to contact me via email and maybe visit any of the other blogs and pages I have, although I intend to stop them as well. I am in the middle of writing a text for the reasons that I stop, but I think the word time sums it up really good. Time for creating, time for the family, time to change things and maybe more time so that I can have two or three low paying jobs in order to make ends meet. 24 hours are not enough. There is a plethora of blogs/people/posts out there, one more one less won’t make a difference.
      But there are 55 more posts to go!

    • Using a well lit white background, 1-3 stops better lit than the model, usually does the trick, with no extra post processing.And keeping the model at least 2 meters away from the background, with the light placed carefully not to cast shadows behind her. So they were burned right from the start. The milky white skin helped as well, because the tonality wasn’t very far. And it is a bit overexposed anyway! Check the same model with black background
      A clever title to hide our nudity by Vassilis D. Gonis
      and a portrait with the same white background
      Beautiful by Vassilis D. Gonis
      and here close to the white background that creates the shadows, but they are part of the effect
      Experimental body shots #7 by Vassilis Gonis

        • I did this with tri-X film and a 50 years old camera, so if you try it with a digital camera it should be much easier to control your outcome! Good luck and let me know about the results, if that’s no problem!

          • Thanks for the advice. I only shoot film, I’ll likely be using Tri-x rated at 800 and a Nikon F301 w 50mm 1.8 or Yashica TLR….I’m also considering using my Pentax 67 and trix, but I don’t really have a suitable tripod for such a heavy set-up. I’m assuming that I’ll shoot a few rolls and over-expose to bring the background to zone 9, while letting the subject remain in zone 7-8 should do it.

            • Since you mention the lens, this set of photos were made using the normal exacta lens, some hand held, but most with the tripod from a small distance from the model. If you compare with the other 2 sets from the same photo session, the one was made with a 400mm and the other with a small tele lens 135mm, you will notice many differences. Since the light was not enough for these lenses, I used a tripod for both, 5-6 meters away from the model and the tri-X was at 800. I had to use my digital camera light metering because exakta does not have one. Last but not least, although all films were developed at the same time, I was amazed from the different results in grain and whites, obviously created from the lenses!

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