The second day of the year! Is it still feeling good?

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Here are some beautiful places early one morning. The vertical ones tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “The second day of the year! Is it still feeling good?

    • Thank you! Glad for you! Although I am officially unemployed for the last 4 months I am of to work on a project now! It may not be good for the pocket but it is good for the soul and mind!

      • I think it is a difficult time, especially in Greece.
        Here we have currently too much work, so for other things (family) is less and less time, but at the same time nothing seems to be safe. The politics of the money, I don’t understand. Some of my friends have never found a steady job after graduation, and the hope for a better time it is not very large. When you’re in the mid-40s and there was no continuous income, then the situation as old man is almost impossible to save. But nevertheless I think better than in southern European countries. The gap between rich and poor is clearly apart here, imo. What will be in 20 or 30 years, no one can say.
        The result of the elections in Germany last September, are (in my opinion) more of a sign of the uncertainty of the citizen.
        Perhaps the Presidency of the EU of Greece brings some progress.
        I do not know. But I wish you all the best on your way forward.

        • Thank you for the long and detailed comment. It is more helpful for shaping an opinion than the news that appear on TV or the newspapers. I believe (but I may be wrong) that you should start questioning these changes, mainly for the little time you have and also for the feeling of uncertainty. These are very dangerous symptoms, because the necessities of life are now covered with extra money, but if they start the cut backs, you will be more uncertain and won’t have the time and nerves to fight back. And it will be like Greeks that took loans, because they felt secure and now they can pay them back and are in danger of losing their house and property, and can’t even lose a day at work (or are forced to take crappy jobs for peanuts) because money are tight! Be careful my friend and questioning now is better than weeping later, plus by looking into matters might change the route of some things and prevent them from happening.

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