Happy new Year! From Greece with love!

Happy new Year!

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In or out of the light. Either way don’t be shadows of life.

My last thought of 2013.  I see people struggling to get the basics and yet they still take it from the government. They don’t rebel, they just wait for the miracle to happen. Maybe they are too deep into propaganda and can’t tell what’s good for them.  But every new burden of law and control coming from the governments of the world is only a way to test the people and its tolerance to this form of violence. They will keep on doing it until they break us. And by breaking I mean until they deprive us from any weapons to resist. And then we will be considered terrorists, anarchists and locked away, or we will be left to die on the streets.

The only way to stop it,  is to stand up,  say and mean STOP, WE CAN’T & WON’T take it anymore. The ancient Greeks used to say «Συν Αθηνά και χείρα κίνε黨 meaning that it is not enough to wait for a miracle , we have to move our hands as well. (thank you Mona)  The Greek government has been doing a lousy job the last 30 years, but the last 5 had been the worse, because they have proven to everybody that they are both idiots and traitors. Selling your country for some millions is a disgusting thing. Blaming all your country man of stupidity and corruption, is outrageous.  Sending the bill to all people (most of the innocent) while letting the thieving rich, that not only steal, bribe and get the big construction works, but dare to tax evade and blackmail with massive  lay-offs, while keeping their workers without paying them or paying for their health and pension benefits is criminal. And just when you think it is not going to get worse, you come up with new laws (effective from today) that  allow massive lay-offs, allow selling in a give-away price all the resources of Greece, deprive of all the health care, diminish the education, take away the homes and  cut the salaries and pensions of everybody, so much that they can’t possibly live. This is genocide.  So before it is too late and we are left without enough power to even shout, we have to act now.

Be kind to your fellow citizens for a start. Civil disobedience has to be applied by many to reach a critical mass and change things. Don’t use it for personal gain. You just taint the cause. The change is going to come only if we think of the general good. And remember, things have only the value we give them. Human lives are more precious than anything else. But every human life. Not just mine or yours.

A sad reminder: the messages I have been getting from people around the world that still can afford an internet connection, have a basic knowledge and are allowed (in China and Russia to name two, they have been banning quite a few lately-namely the last 20 years)  are terrifying. I recognize the beginning of the dark cave that Greece has entered in 2009 (it is a tunnel only if there is an opening on the other side-probably we have to dig it with our fingers and nails) .  You are not alone, and yet, you have to do something now, before it is too late.

Maybe I should wish for a year of fighting so that we can have a Happy New Year and every day in it, in a couple of years’ time.

9 thoughts on “Happy new Year! From Greece with love!

  1. This may or may not be the right time to voice my thoughts. Here I go. A memory from my childhood . . even though I have never felt anything like you are now. ~ In 1976 to 1979 our school would sing 3 songs . . O Canada . . God Save the Queen . . and Freedom Isn’t Free ~ this was my favorite one. Ever since then, I have always remembered the words and have them in my mind. Here are a few ~ You have to pay the price, You have to sacrifice, For your Liberty! Last line . . You’re free to give humanity your very best! All my life this is one song that made the most sense to me. It may not seem like Canadians need to worry about these Freedoms. I have to say ~ Yes, we do worry. Our government has made bad decisions too. Some, with group efforts. we have been able to fight and have changed. Yes, I have done some fighting too. I feel for you. The pain is real.

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