And today is New Year’s Carol day!

And today is New Year's Carol day!

A long time ago in a book shop lost in space and time!

23 thoughts on “And today is New Year’s Carol day!

  1. the curse of the Internet…..more and more bookstores closing here in the U.S., When I was younger we had 10 used bookstores in my little city alone as well as many chain book stores as well……now they are almost all gone. If I think about it too much I actually start to tear up; much of my childhood was spent hanging out at bookstores. When I was 10 and eleven years old my father would let me leave his office (I used to have work full time during the summer) and I would wander around the city hanging out at bookstores……..

  2. Hey Vassilis, this is my favorite photo of yours so far. After watching the film about Ideology, been thinking. Thought about these ideas before. He made perfect sense to me. What I have learned for myself. People will choose to see what they want. I will continue to see things the way I want to. Hope is that more people will choose to see and give Love

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