Everything was peaceful in the lake of time

Everything was peaceful in the lake of time

And then a drop fell in and out popped New year!

Wait for it!!!

While you are waiting, and if you have 2 hours to spare, maybe you should check out a very interesting film:

The Pervert’s Guide To Ideology. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2152198/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Food for thought, from the always alive Slavoj Zizek. And see it all the way, until after the end titles!

23 thoughts on “Everything was peaceful in the lake of time

        • I just saw The pervert’s guide to cinema. Good one, but not as good. Maybe if I had watched it first, I would would have felt differently. Great choice of movies though. It focuses on desire, for a change.

          • Yes, change is something that needs to be desired before happening . . or it may feel forced ? At times 😉 I am still watching the ideology one. Little bits at a time between other things. Love it ! I will finish soon and let you know how it made me feel. So far … love it !

          • Have to say, this film is so full. Reading a great book can take more time . . than others do. Good films too. This needs to be pondered over for awhile. One thing seems to be standing out. Stories are all pointing to a kind of . . make believe idea. Being not true. Very interesting. Too good to rush. So I will be back to give a full idea on this . . when ready. So good!

              • Yes, people have to think for themselves and Love must be on their mind when they act. This film is great food for thought. Nothing more or less. I have seen some of his other works and speeches and started reading one of his books. A great thinker, although I can spot some of his fixations, (or at least things I perceive as such). I imagine people can spot mine as well! Of course I have failed to see any thoughts and insights about the primeval fear of death that shakes the western world, and is only dizzy from mass consumption.

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