Good morning! Καλημέρα! Kalimera! My day in life is 13.805!

Good morning! Καλημέρα!

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Now you know how to say good morning in Greek. But it is not such a good idea saying it to Greeks. They might think you mock them! Another new day has dawned, some days past Christmas and still a couple from the day we all hope that magically will change our lives, simply because it signals the beginning of a new year. I will drink to that. Hope and pray. And sometimes, maybe, stand up for your rights.

32 thoughts on “Good morning! Καλημέρα! Kalimera! My day in life is 13.805!

    • Overstating really. But it came from an observation. Before the crisis when people asked “How are you” the answer came simple”I’m OK”. It was an honest answer, even if you were a bit sick or even in a bad mood. Because you knew that it was going to go away. But lately people hesitate to say “I’m OK”. And if it slips from someone’s mouth, he tries to cover it up with other words “…given the circumstances” etc., as if they are ashamed that they are OK and happy, while others are not so fortunate.

      So I guess good morning is becoming like this as well. It may be a wish or a statement but either way it will end up meaning good weather.

      I rarely use it. I prefer the salutation “Herete” Χαίρετε, Which means “be joyous”.

        • Greece would have lost more than 3 million people if migrating was easier. Doctors, engineers and people with relatives abroad have left the country already. Because only these people are permitted to enter in any other country. I know I wouldn’t be here now, if I had been eligible.

            • The countries that allow Greeks to work are many, but only doctors and engineers. And I mean countries that can offer a better life, like Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Germany etc. Who wants to go and work in India or China for 1 $ per day…

  1. My sister can speak Greek … really. She is a Linguist and can also read and write Latin and Hebrew too. Her studies at Trinity Western in Vancouver were so that she could translate the True Bible. She wanted to fully understand the real words of God. Thank you Vassilis. Talk to you soon

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