And the star moved and just as I was about to take a photo Santa came and stood in front of it.


Merry Christmas Everybody! Hope you have the time of your life! And make sure everybody on earth shares the same feeling as well.

17 thoughts on “And the star moved and just as I was about to take a photo Santa came and stood in front of it.

    • I think that by asking for a sable, you immediately fall under the bad girl category. In any case, the poor creatures can’t do without their fur and no matter how kindly you ask it from them, they won’t give it up.
      Then again I have to think about this Santa Baby thing. It sounds very promising, if you add the facts that you want a sable and a convertible and checks as you say later on. You really are an awfully bad girl with all this double meaning imagery in your words. But in this case open a window or let me in through the door, because coming down the chimney is not that pleasant and certainly it is dirty as any chimney this time of year. 😉

      Lovely teasing song. I didn’t know about it!

      • Dear Santa! Let it be known I was only following Eartha’s teasing steps. I may be very naughty but I absolutely refuse (as a matter of principle) to undress other small living creatures to satisfy my vanity. A well established, undeniable, irrevocable fact. I also have some arguments about unecessary use of motorcars and other pollutants, although I could use a nice fat check these days (who wouldn’t) 😉

        • I always tell my wife that if we ever become millionaires, the very next day all money will lose their value. So maybe the solution is not in money but in a healthy society that provides to every man according to his/her needs and after this is taken care of, according to the effort and results of his works. It is a mixed system, very hard to pin down, (it is actually a way of living rather that a theoretical structure) but could be observed in smaller communities around the world. So no need for fat checks if this works, because wealth would not be accumulate-able or materialize-able.

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