This is from Christmas past! Vinyl Microstore again

This is from Christmas past! Vinyl Microstore again

vg b490 bw 21a st 2004 vinyl microstore vg b422 bw 41 st 2003  Vinyl microstore record shop home of

Not exactly from Christmas but from the past . Just found these photos again! Enjoy and visit the store for your Christmas shopping! Downtown Athens!

10 thoughts on “This is from Christmas past! Vinyl Microstore again

  1. I love the expression of the dog…do the restaurants in Athens let dogs hang out inside? If they do that Is definitely cool….dude, the health department would be all over my ass if I brought my little dogs in a restaurant

    • This “restaurant” only serves music in CD and vinyl formats. 😉 No dogs are not allowed in our restaurants either, alive, or served in a plate. Anyway, the health departments of our countries do have to take a closer look at the food produced from genetically modified crops, meat with antibiotics, etc. But I guess they are willing to overlook things if it is good for business, and this is a trillion dollar one…

      • dude, I’m with you on the genetically modified crops and meat with antibiotics…..I’ve been VERY concerned about this for a LONG time…..this is something i rarely ever discuss publicly cause I don’t like to make a big deal about it but I’ve been a vegetarian for some time because of my problem with the whole steroids/antibiotics/meat thing (and other reasons too) I’m not a ‘crazy’ vegetarian because If I visit someone’s house I will always eat whatever is put before me no questions asked…but in my personal life I got so fed up one day with what they do to the meat and how the animals are raised that I finally just gave it up.

        • Man, I can’t eat many things due to digestive problems. I don’t know if they came from getting older, or from eating improper food (like I said, genetically modified or full of antibiotics. I am better off when I don’t eat for a couple of days, but unfortunately I have to have energy for work. I don’t know what is going to happen. Vegetables and fruits apart from being modified, also have so many pesticides and I don’t know what else, that can be as harmful as meat. EU didn’t approve of them 15 years ago, but the last time I checked they were giving them the green light. My ethical issue is: if they do all this modification in order to make more crops and more sustainable, how come food is more expensive and people still die of hunger?

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