Alone in the big city, how can it be?

Alone in the big city, how can it be?


Nobody knows you, when you’re down and out

21 thoughts on “Alone in the big city, how can it be?

        • I miss my friends. Most of them left Athens and Greece for a better future. But they are better off. I am still waiting for a chance to jump ship, get away from the dead end street. I guess I have to wait for history to ring the bell and decide the result. A lost life, instead of a life lost. Bah, never mind, I just had an ordinary day of failure. And it keeps repeating as a deja-vu, only each time worse. And to think I am an optimist! 😉

          • I care about you. One day you may look back on this time. In your life. With a fondness. ? I had many bad days. Really bad ones. Now I can laugh. Coz it makes the bad times now ~ funnier. You have a great mind. I enjoy your spirit 😉 Pray. Hope. I will for you as well.

            • Thank you. No great mind, sorry to say. Hitting your fist on the table, in order to convince yourself that you are going to make it, is proof of no mind at all. Trying is not even permitted anymore. Every time you think that you find a way out, they change the laws, the game and you are back to square one.

              Praying is the only thing left, but you know that Orthodox church believes that God is testing us all the time, according to our strengths. Most Greeks must be very strong indeed.

              Christmas is coming. I guess we can find the true meaning, even by exchanging words so many thousand miles away. It is 1 o’clock after midnight here. A new day here already. See you today, when you get here! 😉

              • Here I am. Now . . is where I live days. Time may come. Time may go. Time to smell the roses as they grow. You will become stronger from pain you suffer. God is good. I believe we connect to people we need. Who need us. Everyone has a path, they travel through reality. Freedom to choose the direction you go in, is a gift. On it goes . . .

  1. Think it’s cool that we are on the same day now and soon you will be flipping over to Dec.16. It is day #349 of the year. I found out from my friend John that #130 is my day. Love that when you meet someone new, it can bring so much more to your life than before.

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