Singing in the rain pt.3

Singing in the rain pt.3



certainly not spitting though…

27 thoughts on “Singing in the rain pt.3

  1. Light waves dance spreading beads like dandelion seeds. Dark amusement park. A van with missing wheel, what’s the deal? I want to know more about these, please 😉 Have a great day. Hope to hear back

    • It was a rainy day. I have been ill for 48 hours but lying in bed has done all the good it could. Now I was sick and tired as well. Illness is lost time. And I had to make up for it somehow. I had to go out for a couple of chores, although I could put them off due to my illness. I went out. Went back in to grab my umbrella. Rainy night, as well. No matter, a walk in the rain can calm me down. And the atmosphere was clean from the rain. All burning fireplaces of Athens that create a thick and smelly smog was cleared by the rain. By the way, I think that is where my illness came from. Inhaling millions of fireplaces burning improper wood.
      Metro system is a magical thing at times. It takes you to places so fast that even your private car can’t beat it. But this is half the magic. The other half is that there are days that you wait for the train more time than the actual trip. Now this is magic. And the same goes for buses. At least you are protected from the weather when waiting for the train…
      I am downtown Athens. Met the friend and together we are going to the second chore after finishing the first one. Rain starts again. Isn’t it weird, how rain stops when you are inside and starts when you get out again? Murphy must be laughing his socks off! But I am there and I have my cameras and I won’t let this opportunity to go to waste. I wrap my camera with a nylon bag (the problem with non-water proof electronic devices) and start shooting. It takes 10-15 minutes top for the first session, another 10 for the second and 20 for the last one, but you only get to see the start. The rest is no good. (By the way, I think it is the pavement that gives this illusive perspective by covering one of the tyres. It definitely forced me to photograph it, for almost the same reason, (there was something optically weird) but the tyre is there alright!) Then there is a fire at a garbage can. Cars are touching the can and nobody seems to notice or make an effort to put it out. I call the firemen. 9 minutes after they are at the scene. One minute before they arrive someone from the opposite building comes out with a hose and puts it out. No photos from there… The second chore, actually a meeting with other photographers at our group exhibition, is a downer. Probably due to bad weather only two more come. We stay there and wait for the rain to stop. Then we get back home. The fireplaces are burning all over Athens. Next day I’m ill again.

  2. So now we’ve got the background story! Athens can always use a good washing up, it doesn’t rain nearly enough… I was always amazed by Athenians going into hysterics the one time it rained in a year! I mean exasperated phone calls: I’ll be late, it’s pouring down here etc.., pouring being exactly two drops! You must be among the ten Athenians who like to go out in the rain (one other sits next to me). 🙂

    • The following reply contains a lot of nagging. If you are sick of it, skip to the next post!
      The problem with rain, is that dog owners don’t walk their dogs to the parks, alleys etc, but on the pavement, near (but never outside) their homes. It is like a landmine of dog crap. χεζοδρόμια. So the air is clear but you probably miss it trying to jump over dog excrement or end up swearing your bad luck for stepping on them. As Albert King used to say:”If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all”.
      So actually you realize that the problem has never been the rain but the thick headed people who think that loving the dog somehow exonerates you from the obligation to clean after it. And rain can do very little to clean up.

      The two drops we call rain is one of my favourite in&outdoor weather. Photowise as well. However, I have tried to do it while it poured and it wasn’t fun at all!

      I can’t wait to go for a walk in the rain and good company is always welcome!

      • Ah, when it comes to dog shit mines Brussels is the epicentre, the queen of crapped pavements! Athens just got jealous and tries to compete but… There are anti-crap campaigns here from time to time when the city becoms a big poster stand and situation improves but a couple of days after campan end.
        I always enjoy your [well meaning and to the point] nagging Vassili, as much as your photos.

        • … wanted to continue with the crap but pressed send too early: so a couple of days after campaign end it’s crap all over again! Neverending story…the difference is that here it rains so much, it does get cleaned up… well, sort of.. I think you’d like Brussels 😉

          • When I visited London 10 years ago, I saw that dog owners, had with them, little bags in order to pick up after their dog. I wonder if it is just a matter of a social conscience or a law and order conscience. Whatever it is, it works. I like traveling and taking photos, but not like a tourist. I like to spend days walking around, finding places that ordinary tourist usually doesn’t see. Imagine if I had to watch my step like I do in Athens!

  3. I feel sad about you being sick. Smoke is hard on the body. Hope you can become healthy again soon. Thinking about you today Vassilis from the other side of our planet. Please take good care of yourself. Best wishes always

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