What is wrong with being a sheep?

What is wrong with being a sheep?

First you don’t know you are a sheep, then you don’t care for anything else but eating, drinking and sleeping. Lastly you don’t ask questions, you just listen and follow the shepherd.
Welcome to the new animal farm!

15 thoughts on “What is wrong with being a sheep?

    • I have been thinking about it for most of my life, but I guess it either works in societies where politicians do care about the citizens, or at long distance trips, where the train, bus, airplane etc. is your only choice. You feel calm at doing things like reading, listening to music, watching a film etc., like when you were a teenager, sucking every bit of pleasure from simple forms of art, because you don’t have the choice of replacing them with something urgent from your adult life, with motivations such as “usefulness, priorities and the kind”. But a sheep is actually the creature that is prone to propaganda, doesn’t know that he has the right to choices, and the final cut of its life, is always a cut of the throat.

    • I still can finger out how you can people suffer from certain political decisions and still don’t blame the politicians that take them. Ignorance of the people is bliss for these politicians. 😉

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