For someone who was killed 5 years ago

Something about something concerning someone who died 5 years ago. And a video to prove it. Unfortunately only in Greek and without subtitles.

And a video to prove it. Unfortunately only in Greek and without subtitles.

Everything was used by the political parties. For what?

Nothing’s changed. Now they still kill people by depriving them from a decent paid job, education, health care, heating and electricity. The victims are countless, but nobody goes out on the streets.

26 thoughts on “For someone who was killed 5 years ago

          • It was actually funny 2 weeks ago. 2 cameras I had to test I bought out didn’t want to work correctly. The spotmatics slow speed didn’t want to work on aloe speed. The 120 didn’t want to stop at each frame or let me fire. But then I had a chance to pick up a camera with 1.4 lens for 20 bucks and worked. Its just the roll was indeed boring and subpar. I loaded up the spotmatic after it been fixed. Shot till #20. I took it out and reload it on minolta x700, because I felt those 20 frames were a waste too, hopeing the minolta will rescue me!

  1. I only watched a few minutes of the video in Vassilis’ post — but what I saw of Greece was alarming. I don’t remember seeing any of this in the news.

    • It was there alright. 5 years ago to the day, but the news twisted everything. I was living back then 6 streets away from there. Exarhia is considered a bad place to live, but believe me it was peaceful and vibrant with life.

    • Thank you Jeff. More people out there thinking the same things, yet the inability to bring everybody together and join forces, just makes it more time consuming. But in the end it will happen.

  2. We were watching in horror the video from the witnesses, uploaded on youtube that very night. We were watching with interest the events that followed. We are now witnessing the decay, destruction and lost chances. Thank you for this. We need to remember and keep the perspective. Cause noone else will.

    • I was trying to draw a line between the events and to shed some light on why with all this violence coming from the government we don’t have such big protest movements. We have to put these painful memories into good use.

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