Anyday now, things are going to change

Anyday now, things are going to change

vg b474 bw 44 st 2003 the hoarse races field

It has been 4 years and several governments, many changes but only bad ones. From the dense constructed center to the outskirts of the city where 40 billion Euros was spent to built stadiums and gyms nobody uses anymore, because nobody can afford their maintenance, the city waits the coming winter. And hopes for the best.

6 thoughts on “Anyday now, things are going to change

  1. America builds so many stadiums its damn ridiculous…although we definitely use em since our entire culture revolves around sports (and porn)……but what drives me nuts is that we build stadiums that the PUBLIC AGREES to pay half the costs!!! Its so bizarre because the teams are privately owned; so basically the public pays for a stadium that makes a private business owner zillions of dollars.

    This is why as much as i want to blame the government; I’ve got to be fair and blame my num nut fellow americans who are so f**king obsessed with sports that they cough up their own hard earned money to build a stadium for some rich dude…..its pretty sad.

    • I completely understand your argument. It is pretty much the same here, only no sports are supported.
      In 1996 when the Olympic games went to Atlanta, I thought, lucky Athens. Because all the previous examples of cities that have hosted the Olympics were examples of debt. But our crazy politicians and corrupt governments thought otherwise. They had to feed their patrons by giving their companies construction works. So they opted for the 2004 Olympics, which was completely absurd in my opinion.
      1. we didn’t have that kind of money in our state safe, so we had to borrow with heavy interest. It was 40 Billions without interest. I guess now it has to be more than 60 Billion and this is almost 15%-20% of our national debt that has brought Greece into the crisis. And this is just the sum we know. Estimates speak of higher numbers.
      2. we didn’t have enough time, and that meant paying more to be ready on time.
      3. because there was extra delay from the politicians, so that they could by-pass the laws and choose (without any competition) the construction companies.
      4.because they went for the most expensive solid constructions without any thought about the future cost of maintenance or agreements to lease to teams. Only a few buildings were used as new offices for ministries and some of the athletes houses were given to workers as homes.
      5.There was no historical (100 years from the first modern Olympics held in Athens was in 1996, 2004 was just another one) or financial (extra tourism etc) reason, etc.

      Many more reasons I could think, but I am going to mention only one more which is the most important: All these money instead of forwarding the healthy athletic spirit amongst Greeks, have entrapped people in many ways. First of all they have concluded that there is no middle ground amongst champions and people exercising. Secondly they have no way of obtaining access to these stadiums they have paid, either because they are closed or leased for peanuts to sharks (much like your example). Thirdly because the crisis we are in (and the spending on these are a big part of it) does not allow people to either have time or money to exercise.

      Maybe if we stopped paying attention to the Olympics, NBA, NFL, FIFA World soccer cup and all these INSTITUTIONS, we will become hooked on sports as athletes instead of being viewers. I haven’t watched an Olympic game since the nineties and the last football and basketball game I watched was in 2001 when I had a leg injury from a basketball game and I had to watch what everybody else watched.

      • I agree with much of the concepts behind what your saying…..

        the main difference that I’m seeing between the U.S. and Greece is that even though we don’t have the money for so much of what we do here either (constructing buildings, buildings that we don’t need) it doesn’t matter because we just print more money. American’s sold their soul to the devil a long time ago because money honestly doesn’t even mean anything here; we’ve raised our debt ceiling so many times that American money isn’t worth the paper its printed on…but because we are still one of the major world economic super powers; everybody treats our money like it IS worth something….its so bizarre

        Mexico, to our South, has paper money that is no better or worse than ours; but because they are ‘Mexico’ their money is worthless…….

        Nobody even pretends anymore that we will ever ‘pay our debt off’ because we owe all the money to ourselves; The Federal Reserve Prints the money and holds the debt; but they are an American institution so it doesn’t really matter if we ever pay them off……its like I live in a make-believe world.

        (of course we also owe a small amount to China…but China doesn’t even care if we pay it back because if we don’t keep importing Chinese goods than the Chinese economic situation would suffer a near fatal blow…..)

        in the end all of these things just cause my head to spin circles and thank god I have a ticket to Costa Rica in my hand for January 10th!!! yea baby! at least I get to get out of here for a couple weeks 😉

        • The problem lies in the belief in money that the western population has developed. The debt crisis, or cash flow crisis only enhances this belief. And the debt is not so innocently made. The debt is created, loaded on the nations and the people that constitute it and in return, the debt holders get what they want for free. 350000 households are without electricity in Greece because they can’t pay the bill and the heavy housing tax included. A tax forced by IMF to cover a part of the debt, for two years only and now it has become permanent and excruciating. People that were always law abiding, paying taxes and making sacrifices to build a home, are punished! So debt is turning you into a slave to the debt holder. I fear that many people believe that it will pass, or that the debt will just vanish due to being illogical or intolerable, but this is a false propagated belief in order to stop any reaction before it is even born. You don’t owe to yourself, because money have no morals, no country, no ethnicity. Just work out what will happen if all farmers lose their land. What will happen if you can’t afford to pay your house/car/trip loan.

          China recently changed the political way it sees the world, so probably their politicians are preparing for the worse, the domino theory you describe.

          Have a nice trip my friend! And take a lot of photos for us as well!

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