A group nude

A group nude

exhibition in 10 days time!

Poster composed by http://pellymade.wordpress.com/

10 thoughts on “A group nude

    • Even though I don’t have any visions of grandeur, all great civilizations went out with a bang. 😉
      Actually they collapsed from within. Their own weight took them down. The problem is whether the last (and countless I might add) artistic (well the Romans included orgies as well) sparks were the reason of the fall or merely the last sign of what was about to happen.

      Group exhibitions are just the peak of a less glamorous but more substantial procedure. The group of people usually celebrate the end of the procedure (or a circle ) by sharing the fruits with the rest of the people, or just test their strength and art by making it available to a wider audience. As such the exhibition is a useful tool. If seen from another angle it is really meaningless, and sometimes even hurtful.

      I am glad I participate in both exhibitions because they really represent such an effort and the end of a procedure. The first one was about binding with the members of a team, while this one was more the end of a workshop session which was demanding and with tight schedule.

      And believe me if I had a steady income I would be able to participate in a lot more, but (and here comes the punchline) I wouldn’t because I don’t really believe in exhibitions.

      • True about great civilizations… Art, as human nature and expression, is able to catch and project the zeitgeist and, as such, mirrors what is happening or foretells what is about to happen. And there have been occasions, as e.g. the fall of Berlin wall and the whole communist regime/empire behind it really, that have been greatly helped by western culture infiltrating the thirsty east…

        I hear your point about exhibitions… I’m not an artist (so won’t be affected anytime soon) but if I were, I’d have very ‘divided’ feelings about exhibitions. I think I’d prefer a personal one as opposed to groups but only because I’m egotistical and unprepared to promote/explain my work to viewers and, worst of all, have it compared there on the spot… I’d be the elusive artist, nowhere to be found (deep undercover behind a bar, getting drunk I suppose)… 😀

    • Thank you Karen. Lost in the vastness of events and photos, time and political chaos, I wonder if there is any point in doing it. It is a rather pointless and (as usual) hopeless attempt to revive hope, by carrying on as usual! 😉

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