After 300 posts a shadow of myself


















Say goodbye to fall and hello to winter, officially! 25 days to Christmas, 31 days to New Year and all hopes shrink into just one countdown and a glass of wine.

21 thoughts on “After 300 posts a shadow of myself

        • only a 100 more and then what…you call it quits? OR you could just keep doing posts till the day you die so you leave a tremendous footprint for your descendants to see……when my dad died in 2008 he left hardly anything whatsoever when it came to writings…so now I have to tell my children all about him; but it would have been so much cooler if he had left a memoir or something that they could read and hear ‘firsthand’ from ‘his’ voice…..

          • No memoir needed Kenneth. Their life is way too precious to waste it on me, after I am gone. They will have to fight and struggle hard with the new way of things going on in the world. Of course they can waste it on any other odd thing, but still you should not force it down their throat. Anyway, it is just a 365 promise trip. After that there are no strings attached. I might keep up in an irregular pace but most probably I will get out of it. After all the time I spend posting is more useful doing other things, most importantly spending it with them.

            • well, we have different takes on it I guess….for me, I believe really strongly in knowing where we come from because I feel it helps us find our own identity. That’s the psychological part of me and all my studying in college to become a counselor. While we don’t entirely find our identity in our parents; I was trained to believe that in understanding our parents (grandparents, fellow neighbors, countrymen/women, etc) it better helps us understand who we are…….

              .if you ever read about children who were adopted; a really high percentage of them end up wanting to know who their biological parents were… on one hand If I was adopted I would think ‘why do I want to know who my bio parents are because my REAL parents are the mum and dad who raised me’…but since I’m not an adoptee…I don’t live with any sense of wonderment as to who my real parents are; I obviously know who my bio parents are because they raised me…….but for a lot of those adopted kids there is some kind of invisible energy or aura or whatever you want to call it that surrounds their wonderment regarding ‘where they came from’……

              I don’t want to blow up your blog with my crazy thoughts though…sorry!

              • I know exactly what you mean. Adopted, divorced and other assorted kid cases are really out of reach for the ones that have grown in a “regular” “normal” family environment.

                On the other hand, I do believe that even this inner family normality is broken down by the radical change in our societies.

                This change that even though is presented as measures against the financial crisis (or the financial crisis itself) it is in fact a way to pulverize any difference amongst people, ways of living, different cultures, different beliefs. We are back in the dark middle ages, where you are afraid to speak because no matter what you say can and will be used against you by the Spanish inquisition…

                So what I can really do is care more for my children and build ties with my fellow human beings around me. Maybe together we can make a change. Blogging would be wonderful in a different society. Now it is just a way to let some steam, which doesn’t even burn the faulty situation around us.

                Really, (I see you skip this word on your last posts) how many people do you think that are influenced by posts? I believe that the ones who press like are already there (although it is good to know that someone else is riding the same train with you) and the others don’t care to read or are too stubborn to change their angle, even a little bit in order to have a civilized conversation.

                However I am only speaking for myself. I understand the pleasures and benefits of blogging, but they don’t seem to work for me. First I have to live. Then I might blog. Because blogging and living are two completely different things. And I barely have time to live.

                • “Really, (I see you skip this word on your last posts) how many people do you think that are influenced by posts? I believe that the ones who press like are already there (although it is good to know that someone else is riding the same train with you) and the others don’t care to read or are too stubborn to change their angle, even a little bit in order to have a civilized conversation.”

                  okay so this is a great question and comment (and lol I was getting a bit tired of the ‘really’ though I think I’m gonna start it back up again lmao) …..I wonder about what kind of influence we can have as bloggers and I honestly believe there is some good that comes from it…..I get ALOT of emails from readers so that is where I see the positive results of my articles…..people who have told me they are making changes in their lives because of the conversations we have on my blog.

                  the western governments are really f**ked up.. I agree with you; I’ve been expending all my energy trying to get out of the U.S…..I’m sure I told u that I travel to central America every year because I’m trying to move there; its another world in central America, the problems we grapple with in our industrialized world don’t exist over there…its a more simple, peaceful way of life……I long for it….I want to get away from the craziness of the first-world industrialized nations.

                  as to the time it takes to blog; I TOTALLY agree with you; it can be time consuming; but if I’m honest with myself; I WASTE a LOT of time…so I’ve basically made it my goal to spend the time I would otherwise be wasting to spend blogging; so I’m not taking time away from my friends and family 🙂

                  • You know, Greece used to be a wonderful place to live. I know many people that came here before 2009 and were absolutely crazy about Greece. Even for Athens, which is a monstrous city. It had to do with the care free spirit, the good weather, the people. Everything’s changed. Just hope that there are still oasis out there in South America and that the terrible change won’t reach them there.

    • Repetitive, I guess I could do with 2-3, but since they were just a couple of days old I couldn’t really decide. Thank you! By the way, it is a wall at a red light district in Athens.

  1. These are so great. The black and whites are beautiful collaged together.
    I love the shifting light in the series of warm shadows, you are a story teller, Vassilis.
    I think in many ways it is creativity that makes life full and worthwhile.

    • Karen I think you are right, although I believe it is also human contact, communication amongst real people and love. Being creative with them is what I am really after.

    • These discussions here were the beginning of the goodbye speeches I wrote and will appear on the last two days. They are a bit harsh I think, and I am not sure if I will allow them to be published as they are, but having changed them a dozen times doesn’t make it any better. Want to have a look at them and share an opinion?

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