If the statue could speak

If the statue could speak

It would probably be put into a mental asylum
Outside the Athens University central building during the recent 3 month strike and lock down.

Χρόνια πολλά Στέλιο!


12 thoughts on “If the statue could speak

  1. I did not know that the university was closed for so long!
    A restless world – the east and west meet and Greece sorts things out – always a cross roads. Athens is such a dynamic city and Greece is amazing place!

    You always make me think!

    • The universities opened just for 2 weeks after the summer vacations. The government through various laws over the last 4 years, has been cutting the funding and the personnel of the universities. Of course the reason they are closed now has only to do with the personnel lay-offs, but if the students and professors knew better they would have been protesting still, because the standards of educations are really close to zero and it is a waste of time and energy to study for a diploma that worth zip.

        • A couple of days ago I was downtown outside the university and two crowds of people standing at opposite pavements across the main street, were yelling at each other, like football fans. They were students. On the right pavement those that were pro-closing the universities and on the other side those against. The only thing I fear is a new civil war, not in the old gun and bullet sense, but in laws that kill sense…

            • There is no danger really. Despite the state we are in, people are still kind and crime and violence are very low compared with the EU standards. (Although dramatically raised in comparison to the ones before 2008, or before the Euro, in 2001) Of course suicides which were rare are common now (more than 4000 since 2009) and still the politicians do not understand that their policies lead people to despair.

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