18 years ago today

18 years ago today

a relic of the past, and I don’t mean the photo…

8 thoughts on “18 years ago today

    • Sometimes random things happen, thoughts mix up and the result is a photo from the past! No nostalgia, or maybe only in the photo. The place it was taken was one of the worse places I have been. 300 people placed in a single room without even the comfort of an assigned bed…

        • Like a bad movie you have to watch. The feeling that there is an end after 18 months (now it is only 9) enhances the feeling of it being a movie, thus for most people making it a useless experience. I found it quite didactic, although I wouldn’t like to go back.

          I sleep less and less. Perhaps it has something to do with getting older and needing less sleep (not the case, just mentioning it 😉 ) having two kids and the only time to do anything at all is after midnight (cheap excuses). Today I just returned from the exhibition. First day. Wait for the photos!

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