Leaving trains

Leaving trains

and us not having the ticket to ride.

24 thoughts on “Leaving trains

        • Photography is not really allowed in the metro system, but it probably has to do with flash or commercial use. Anyway, setting up a tripod would be a major problem, resulting in no – photo situation. 😉

            • Cutting back expenses results in less security and people just don’t care if they don’t feel threatened or offended. I have been arrested at least once for raising the camera but not photographing (actually) but that was some 10 years ago, when they were chasing ghost terrorists before the Olympic games… And at least 3 times I was searched and id-ed. So a low count. Maybe I don’t look dangerous, or I look way too much to be bothered, or not the right kind . And surely I am not a looker myself 😉

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