A long rest before the storm

A long rest before the storm

they invaded the ERT Greek public TV/Radio stations building, at 4:15 in the morning. Like thieves in the night, disregarding any supreme court decisions, ignoring the public opinion, and even worse losing more money than they allegedly would save by “reforming” it this way. Now this is what I call democracy. Hail to the thieves of our future.

11 thoughts on “A long rest before the storm

  1. Great shot, precision and orderliness. Hallmarks of the authoritarian state. Greece has suffered long enough. It’s time for a Western power to feel the full measure of austerity…UK, France, Germany. Best to you, Vassillis.

    • Thank you Jeff! Of course this is an older photo, nobody could tell about the raid that night or even be there and be prepared, unless he was one of the raiders. It was only a matter of time. The long summer days and warm nights when many people spend time inside to protect, have passed.

  2. That’s an unsettling image, Vassilis.
    Interesting how they are lined up so orderly on the street as though anyone could pick them up and make use of them… An untruth, I’m sure…

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