On the look out for a desired life

On the look out for a desired life

vg 068 bw 15 st 1998 at monastiraki on a sunday

“Live a thousand lives by picture”


Desire by Tuxedomoon, one of my favorite songs and albums ever.

6 thoughts on “On the look out for a desired life

    • Everything is different at that part of town. The square is revealed, but people can’t enjoy it anymore because they are forced to pay for it, along with the other things left from the Olympics etc, with a great interest. People are different as well, and this is frightening. Still peaceful but with an unexpected temper. From whichever angle you see them.

    • Indeed interesting, and I admire the point it conveys, although it will do little difference to a discriminating state. (society just follows suit) In Greece and many “developed” countries, no matter how many haircuts and nice suits, or decisions to change your life, you will always end up dishearten and on the pavement if the traditional perception of work and pay does not change. Because there are not enough jobs anymore and this only helps the plutocrats drive down the salaries, demand free work and ruin the lives of workers and in turn the chances of the state protecting its citizens.

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