28th of October Parade

28th of October Parade

At Rafina

6 thoughts on “28th of October Parade

  1. last year I happened to spend the week in central America when costa rica was celebrating their independence day. Day after day I saw parades in every city I visited and the though struck me; parades in just about every part of the world all seem to look the same…….its not much of a deep thought, but I had never thought about it before. And looking at your photo here i’d say the same thing; the people on the side of the road look just like they do in my neighborhood when they are waiting for the parade to come by………..although, I can’t really imagine a parade looking any different than this……but perhaps they could?

    • I guess here in Greece they have fallen from grace the last 15-25 years. We must have been the last generation where the majority of students marched feeling pride and gratitude for the fallen ones that fought for our freedom and ideals. Now society has changed, both left and right ideologies and the representing parties have seriously damaged this feeling for different reasons.
      The left not believing in patriotism (and I guess the idea of nation is not going down well with them either) and also believing that parades are a fascist residue, while the center and right devoting their time turning the person into a consumer (thus a number) and noble ideas about history and freedom do oppose this horrible reality of numbers. We have two national days, one in the 28th of October, the day Greece entered the 2nd WW and changed its course by fighting back successfully the Italian army and in effect forcing Hitler to postpone the invasion to Russia, in order to help Mussolini, and then the winter got him. The second one is on the 25th of March, day that the 1821 revolution against the Turks started. I only wonder if they ever thought that their freedom to even think as they do, depended on the sacrifice of these noble freedom fighters. Because all odds were against them and still they decided to fight. Still the greatest examples today.
      I feel that the younger generations have great potential and will put these facts into serious consideration. And parades will never look the same again.

      • We have a restaurant section here called Greek town where most of the restaurants are still owned by 1st generation Greek immigrants…they celebrate the march 25th thing every year so I know a little bit about that one…….

        Isn’t it strange how no matter what country it is the liberals and conservatives all talk and act the same…..because everything u described is exactly the same here in the u.s……we don’t really have a third political party, well we do, but they only represent less than a couple percent of our nation…but I’ve been voting third party for more than a decade now. My friends all say I am wasting my vote, but I’d rather vote for an irrelevant third party that shares my values than vote for either the liberals or conservatives who don’t give a damn about me

        • We have more than 40 political parties to choose from. Unfortunately most of the last 40 years only 3-5 parties have entered the parliament, but actually only two of them, have been governing, in turn. It is peculiar, because once voting stopped being obligatory, 40% of the people stopped going! And they stopped because despite having so many parties to decide from, none of them expressed their ideas. I believe that voting for a third party in the US is a healthy attitude, since both major ones are in fact one and the same. Of course if there was a change in public opinion and the third party became a serious contender, chances are (like the Siriza party in Greece) that it would either have become the same as the major ones or will be outlawed …

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